April 2, 2011

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Elantris scolds us on our battle tactics in the last fight and asks (strongly) that we allow him to direct the battles so we get the most advantage of his training and expertise.

We follow some tracks from the kobolds to a stream with a waterfall. Several kobolds are near the river which we spot before they spot us. We discuss options and decide to hide in the trees while Adranis gets there attention and draws them into an ambush. Unfortunately we make too much noise trying to get to the trees and the kobolds hear us. No less than 13 kobolds pop up with at least 3 potent looking kobolds among them.

Andraste shoots an arrow at the shaman and hurts him badly. All of the kobold minions converge on the dragonshield kobold. Evon calls forth a brilliant beacon of light which kills almost all the minions and but only does minor damage to the dragonshield.

The skirmisher kobold runs off yelling in their native tongue – it’s obvious he’s going to get help or warn others.

Andraste shoots another arrow at the shaman and kills him. Evon calls forth a blast of thunder at the dragonshield, hurting him yet again and knocking him back into the water where he stands dazed.

We converge on the dragonshield but the kobold flees into the waterfall. Evon moves the column of divine light to the waterfall entrance in case any kobolds come out while we search the area. Elantris scales the cliff to look around. He sees nothing of import and no evidence the kobolds even go up there so he comes back down.

We investigate the circle of stones in which the dragonshield was standing. Glowing runes adorn the rocks. Adranis steps in and notices he feels more powerful – it’s a good thing we didn’t try to fight the kobold in the circle.

We can hear movement behind the waterfall so we decide to go into the kobold lair before they can get even more organized than they already are. Lighting a sunstick (Evon can’t see in the low light like everyone else) we advance through the waterfall.

More than a dozen kobolds can been seen scurrying about the dimly torch lit hollow, obviously waiting for us. We engage them, trying to thin their ranks.

Just as we start to get rid of the minions reinforcements arrive in the form of some very nasty looking kobolds. The first is a caster which hits Adranis with a globe of fire. After him comes 3 more dragonshields. Evon strikes the dragonshields with thunder, killing one.

Irontooth, a burly goblin wielding 2 axes and obviously the leader of this pack, charges into the cavern from an adjoining space. The wormpriest continues to torment us with arcane fire while we dispatch the last minions and finally the wormpriest. This leaves Irontooth and one of the dragonshields. Andraste phase steps behind the dragonshield and makes a heroic attack against him. The last dragonshield finally dies.

After a pitched battle we defeat Irontooth. “Orcus prepare my way,” he gasps in common with his dying breath.

We collect weapons and armor that we can sell in town, some coin, and other odds and ends from the bodies. Irontooth has magic armor which we decide Adranis should get. Irontooth also carries a pouch with a small silver key and a scroll. The scroll has Dethek (Dwarvish) runes on it. Evon notices the symbol of Bahamut in the body of the message.

Searching the rest of the place we find only a chest in the cheiftains cave – the key fits and we find a small stash of gold within. Bloody and battered, we decide to camp up on the plateau above the waterfall in case any kobolds who were out show back up.

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April 2, 2011

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