April 30, 2011

Hammer – 15 – 1479 D.R. – Main Page

No kobolds show up in the night and we all break camp well rested. We head back to Winterhaven.

As the townsfolk notice us coming in they start gathering around and cheering our return. We go visit Lord PeDrage and he congratulates us on our victory. He says we’ll be receiving a reward for our services and offers us the hospitality of the town for the night.

Before heading to the tavern we decide to visit the shop to sell off the unneeded items from our encounters. Then we head off to the inn to cleanup, eat, and await the wizard’s usual arrival. Snow starts to fall heavily.

Evening rolls around and the tavern starts filling up. Everyone is talking about the kobolds being vanquished and there is an air of festivity permeating the room. The innkeep brings a tray of meat and vegetables as well as full mugs of mead. A musician plays in one corner.

Ninneron is in the tavern again and Adranis approaches her with an offering of food. She disdains his presence and conversation.

Near the end of our meal Lord PeDrage enters the tavern and orders a round of drinks for everyone in honor of us. The wizard Valthrune enters a few minutes later and is disappointed he missed the toast. He joins us at our table. We notice Ninneron covertly watching our table so we keep conversation hushed.

Valthrune informs us he did some reading on Shadowfell Keep. It was built by the old empire long ago over the site of a rift to the Shadowfell – a dark mirror of our realm ruled over by Shar (the Raven Queen) the goddess of shadow and is a place of shodow where evil thrives. The keep is magically sealed.

We show him the Dwarvish scroll we recovered from Irontooth and the holy symbol of Orcus. He reads the scroll and seems confused. “These runes don’t make sense, perhaps it’s coded.” He suggests we show it to Grundlemar back in Fallcrest. He thanks us for assisting Winterhaven and we bid him good night.

Evon borrows the Dwarven scroll and along with Adranis goes to the temple. Sister Lanora has no other insight into the scroll so we head back to the tavern. Evon and Adranis decide to turn in for the evening and both go up to rest.

Andraste notices Ninneron making like she’s going to leave so Andraste heads outside and hides in the shadows. Andraste follows Ninneron to the village gates and beyond. Ninneron heads down the road a ways then cuts off onto a trail. Ninneron enters a small copse and as Adraste followers she loses sight of Ninneron. Just behind the first trees the stracks stop, leaving Andraste searching frantically.

Suddenly Andraste feels a knife to her throat. “Why are you following me?,” Ninneron’s voice whispers in her ear. Andraste tries to bluff her way out of it – unsuccessfully. Ninneron still removes the knife and then makes veiled threats, “We’re watching you. Your presence has not gone unnoticed in Fallcrest.” Ninneron walks off and disappears into the darkness.

Andraste gets back to the inn and tells Elantris that she lost Ninneron. Elantris doesn’t believe that’s the whole story and badgers Andraste until she tells more of the story of what happened. Elantris is sure she’s still hiding something and tells her so but that he’s going to let it drop.

Elantris and Andraste retire their rooms for the night.

Hammer – 16 – 1479 D.R.

We all meet for breakfast and it’s obvious there’s tension between Elantris and Andraste. Afterwards we head out of town towards the keep. The snow seems about 4” deep and provides for a cold and wet hike. The keep is only a few hours away and the nearer we get the less wildlife we see. An eerie feeling pervades the area and soon we come in sight of the keep itself. The rounded walls are around 20’ high with no other buildings around it. As we move around the wall we find no entrance.

Elantris hurls a grappling hook onto the top of the wall and climbs up. He sees a central tower with an empty clearing between it and the wall. The tower also has no visible doors or windows. It also looks undisturbed. While the stone is very old it’s in good condition, possible signs of magic preservation at work.

All of us cross over the wall and into the courtyard. About 15’ separates the wall from the tower. Elantris cautiously touches the tower itself. While he feels the tingle of magic on his senses his hand itself feels only the cold, hard stone.

After an extensive search we find nothing of interest. We decide to search outside the walls. At the treeline we find a crudely built shrine to Orcus and kobold scat all around. We destroy the shrine.

It’s late afternoon as we get back to Winterhaven and let the militia know the keep looks undisturbed. Elantris and Adranis go to see Lord PeDrage one last time while Andraste and Evon return to the inn for the night.

Elantris asks Lord PeDrage’s advice on handling Camroth. Lord PeDrage urges caution and not taking drastic action without cause or concrete proof. Elantris also brooches his uncle’s death and the cryptic note. Lord PeDrage admits that he’s not sharing everything he knows but says he can’t be more forthcoming at this time. Finally, Elantris lets Lord PeDrage know of the encounter Andraste had with Ninneron and to be wary of Ninneron. They return to the tavern.

The tavern is lower key than the previous night. More snow is falling which makes the fire inside even more pleasant. Lord PeDrage drops by to bid us all farewell.

The innkeep mentions to Andraste that Ninneron left town this morning, headed presumably towards Fallcrest.

Hammer – 17 – 1479 D.R.

Fresh snow makes are start towards Fallcrest cold and unpleasant. We occasionally see tracks that look like another traveler in front of us headed towards Fallcrest – possibly Ninneron? The next 3 days are uneventful through exhausting.

Hammer – 20 – 1479 D.R.

In the afternoon we finally reach the crossing. Adranis stops at the outside inn, seedier than the Silver Unicorn in town, to see if Ninneron is there. He runs into one of his buddies who actually mentions an attractive elf female just checked into the inn. He comes back outside and lets us know about Ninneron’s presence.

We pay the toll and enter Fallcrest. Evon takes the scroll and heads to meet with Grundlemar right away. Adranis goes with Evon. Elantris heads to make an appointment for the following day with Lord Markelhay. Andraste heads out on some personal errand.

Grundlemar greets us as we enter. Evon tells him of the trip to Winterhaven, of Irontooth, the goblin leading a kobold band, and that the Keep of the Shadowfell looks undisturbed. Evon gives Grundlemar the scroll to see if he can make anything of it. While he can’t read it, he does say of coded messages from days past. He copies the scroll to send it to a friend in Hammerfast who may be able to shed light on it. We chat a bit more and then head over to the Silver Unicorn for dinner.

Adranis asks around at the inn about Camroth and how he’s taken the news of Elantris getting the estate but there isn’t any news. Elantris shows up and joins us. A while later Andraste returns and we all finish an evening meal then head to bed.

Hammer – 21 – 1479 D.R.

In the morning we head to meet with Lord Marklehay. We meet him in a parlor at his estate. We give him an update on our trip to Winterhaven and the successful delivery of the package. We also mention that Lord PeDrage plans on coming to Fallcrest soon.

Lord Marklehay mentions he’s already heard of our success with the kobolds. He also mentions that a moon elf named Ninneron visited with a warning of a thief and assassin network operating in Fallcrest – supposedly this network is called the Triath’Ma’Dreen. The group is known for finding and taking ancient items, typically fey or elvlish and often magical, and returning them to the elvish nation.

We bid him farewell and leave.

Andraste leaves to attend to other matters while the rest of us head to the outside inn to see if Ninneron is there. We leave a note at the Silver Unicorn to let Andraste know where we’ve gone.

When we get to the Nentir Inn we find Ninneron checked out that morning. We then head towards Elantris’ estate. On the way Adranis fills Evon in on some of the Andraste/Elantris situation.

The estate seems much like we left it. Elantris goes over some of the estate paperwork. Evon hangs around to see if he’s needed for anything while Adranis goes for a walk – he intentionally heads towards town a bit looking to run into Andraste.

Adranis catches Andraste coming from town and confronts her about her secret activities. They don’t really resolve anything and return to the manor where Elantris has started a fire.

Except for Adraste who is conducting business and staying in town we spend the next 5 days taking care of general things around the estate and making routine visit to town to restock supplies. We see no sign of Ninneron.

Hammer – 26 – 1479 D.R.

Lord Marklehay sends an urgent summons so we head to the lord’s house. We all meet at the lord’s manor and are greeted immediately by the lord. “We have problems, follow me.”

“A message from the Harkenwold reached me this morning. Apparently mercenaries working for the Iron Circle have taken over the town and Baron Stockmer needs help.” He doesn’t know the size of the forces but would like us to go investigate and assist if we can.

We head to find horses in town. We buy 4 horses, saddles, and feed for an 8 day trip. At the general store we buy traveling rations and tents.

With everything packed up we head out towards Harkenwold on the Kings Road.

That night we camp just before the forest. The night is uneventful.

Hammer – 27 – 1479 D.R.

We get up early and head out to ensure we make it through the forest during daylight hours. Elantris and Adranis take the lead while Andraste and Evon follow behind.

As we exit the forest we enter farmlands. About a mile into the valley we see smoke in the distance. We tie the horses up then head down a dirt path. Just over a hill we see brigands laughing and burning items as they taunt people trapped inside a farm house.

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April 30, 2011

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