December 29, 2012

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Ches 1st (con’t)

As we leave Lord Kamroth’s house a man hails Elantris. He asks Elantris to come with him to discuss a private matter. Apparently the hook horrors have gotten big and are getting difficult to control and contain, not to mention they are not supposed to within the city walls. The man leads Elantris to a hidden cellar where the creatures have obviously torn to shreds. Upon seeing Elantris they come and purr at his side. The man suggests a an old druid near Winterhaven named Muck who is known to deal with strange situations.

The rest of us head to find the bard. Elantris meets the group at the Nentir Inn. Adrian checks in with his guards. The bard is upstairs in the room 3rd door on the lift. The inn keep leads us up the stairs to open the door. Inside the room the window is open and the bard is nowhere to be found. Andraste searches the room while the rest of us rush outside to try to find him.

Andraste finds evidence that the bard or someone was in the room recently as the chamber pot was recently used. She also finds hidden compartment of gold. Finding nothing more she climbs to the roof for a better vantage.

We find fresh tracks leading off the west below the room’s window. We rush off to follow the tracks leaving the city guards at the inn in case he circles back. We crest a low hill and see a figure in the trees that appears to the be the bard – the figure is running.

Elantris uses his booming voice to command him to surrender. The loud voice distracts the bard who stumbles and falls down a hill. Adrian, using magic, closes the distance to the bard and catches him trying to kill himself with a knife. They struggle for a while letting the others catch up.

We subdue the bard and tie him up. Other than the knife we find a note:


We must resort to our secondary plan of action. Lady Markelhay and Lord Vennyk have been slain by our enemies. Our plan to hide the Iron Circle armies in the Shadowfell and then phase shift them directly into Fallcrest has been foiled. As a result, the army is still trapped in the Shadowfell and Lord Markelhay and his allies retain control of Fallcrest.

I’ve performed the ritual of flesh on the simpleton stableboy Hambry. As Hambry’s lifeblood drained, the prince of undeath spoke to me and bade me leave at once. As such, I must journey to the Keep on the Shadowfell and fulfill my bargain and perhaps even find a way to bring the army through.

Our dark prince of undeath feasts upon the immortal soul of the goddess Shar. Soon he will devour her completely and emerge upon this plane in full power and majesty, marshalling forth an unstoppable army from the souls of the dead.

We must delay our enemies for as long as possible while I prepare the necessary defenses. I’ve sent instructions to the Gravelstokes but now I need you to make haste to the Bloodspear Orc host. Chief Sharptooth must strike now before our plans are discovered. Make whatever promises you deem necessary. When we’re through with the Bloodspear Orcs they will be disposed of and their lifeless bodies will rise to serve us once again.

Make haste, time is of the essence!

Lord Armos Kamroth

We smuggle the bard back into the city and to the Moonstone Keep. At the bridge we confront Thermina about letting Lord Kamroth out of the city. She bridles and ends up being put under arrest. Elantris takes her to see Lord Kamroth’s chamber. Grundelmar is still there working the cleansing rituals. Thermina is aghast at the horror in the room and more shocked when she reads the letter. Chastised she is released and returns to her post.

At the keep Nimrozan and Valtrune are waiting for us and asks us to accompany him. Apparently the Gravelstokes are in audience with Lord Markelhay and the situation is tense. The wizards read the letter and their eyes widen. “These traitors must be executed,” Valtrune says.

As we enter the hall with a contingent of guards we see Lord Markelhay on the dais. On the floor in front of the dais stand Xander Gravelstoke, his brother Mikkel and Mikkel’s two children. “Hold Xander,” the lord says as he sees us burst in. Adrian approaches and gives the lord the letter we found on the bard. As the lord reads it he calmly starts bantering with Xanter trying to trip him up in the plot with Lord Kamroth and get him to reveal himself. Succeeding he places them under arrest. After a show of overwhelming force the Gravelstokes drop their weapons.

Lord Markelhay nods, “There won’t be a trial,” and the four Gravelstokes are executed on the spot. The lord orders the staff to dispose of the bodies and clean the room. We turn the bard over to the lord for interrogation.

Outside the audience chamber Lord Markelhay informs us he has proof the Bloodspear Orcs have been manipulated and betrayed. He believes the orcs can be parlayed with after showing them this proof and they were just pawns meant to be destroyed. He asks us to get up to the Keep on the Shadowfell to stop Lord Kamroth.

Nimrozan tells us to come to his tower when we’re ready to leave and he’ll see if he can get us closer to Winterhaven using magic.

Before leaving Elantris tracks down Muck and informs him of the hook horrors. Muck is surprised but agrees to find a home for them as well as keep them under control until they can be removed from the city. One of Muck’s animals takes a liking to Elantris and Muck gifts him with it. The beast looks like a small panther but has the power to disappear and reappear upon command.

We send word to Reithann and Dar Gremath that they can come out of the catacombs and to deliver the treasure chest to the Septarch’s Tower. We head to the tower.

Nimrozan creates a field of energy in the portal at the top of the tower – we step through. We appear just outside the outer wall of the Keep on the Shadowfell. The wall, however, is no longer there. In its place stands a black pyramid that pulses with power. An single entrance is visible on one side. Tracks surround the area and show recent activity. We step through the entrance and behind us the entrance shimmers and solidifies, closing off the entrance.

A narrow hallway goes before us ending in another shimmering, shadowy barrier. We step through and again the portal closes and becomes solid. A narrow passage leads off to the left and right. The black walls writhe with moving pictographs and symbols.

The walls seem to be affecting us in some way and we feel weaker a time goes on. Andraste rounds a corner and attacks a skeleton. Evon scouts the other direction. He finds another skeleton but manages to get around the maze back to the group.

Appearing behind Elantris is a ghost or banshi. It lets out a shriek that sends Adrian and Andraste sliding away. Another skeleton saunters up behind Evon. We attempt to run but Andraste and Elantris get immobilized. Evon and Adrian run into another banshi.

We decide to run. Dodging the banshis and skeletons we manage to find our way out of the maze but we’re bloodied and exhausted. As we all run through the misty door exiting the maze and see a short corridor. To the right is a closed door. At the end of the passage a dark curtain hangs. A black stone surrounded by four pillar stands off the left side of the curtain. The door behind us is gone like the other misty portals and a solid wall remains.

We open the door to the right. Behind stands a glowing portal on the far wall.

Suddenly we’re enveloped in darkness. A dagger hits Evon and Adrian. We fall back into the portal room and Evon calls forth an obscuring cloud of smoke in the hallway and room to befuddle our attackers.

In the room we’re suddenly pulled towards the portal.

The door opens and the invisible foes attack us but we manage to kill him. Just as the last dark stalker dies, spraying a fountain of dark ichor that blinds Andraste and Evon, a shadowy form of Lord Kamroth materializes in the corner of the room and attacks us. As we try to stay out of the portal we play a movement game with the incorporeal being. With a mighty spell, the creature pushes us towards the portal and then goes through a wall out of the room.

We follow out of the room but the cloud of smoke still persists. Closing the door to the portal room we focus our attack on the shadowy Lord Kamroth. To add problems the curtain around the mystical castle has been burned away and keeps befuddling our senses.

We throw blankets over the statue and manage to kill the creature ending the battle.

As the smoke dissipates we notice a new portal in the room in place of the obsidian stone. Unlike the other portal this one can be seen through. A staircase leads up on the other side. We search the other rooms and find some treasure.

We push over the ensorcelled castle and break it into pieces which seems to disable its power. Checking the portal room we find it inert leaving just the new portal open. Evon steps through first followed by everyone else. The portal closes behind us.

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December 29, 2012

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