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Alturiak – 14 – 1479 D.R. (con’t) – Main Page

Two guards approach Andraste and Adranis near the guardhouse and address Adranis: “Lord Marklehay requests your presence at the manor.” Andraste accompanies Adranis to the Moonstone keep. Plenty of activity is going on in the courtyard.

Seargent Mergeddon gets their attention, “Adranis, ho.” They exchange pleasantries. “Ill tidings,” the Dwarf says. “Captain Wilkenson passed away last night.” They head into the keep.
Lord Marklehay notices Adranis and Andraste, “Thank you for coming. With the passing of Captain Wilkenson we have a void. I’ve known you a long time and with the blessings of the council would ask you to fill his shoes.”

Adranis is silent for a minute, “I am humbled by your offer but I will do my best.”
“So you accept then?” Lord Marklehay verifies.

“Yes,” Adranis says simply.

“Excellent. We’ll formalize everything after the ceremonies for Captain Wilkenson, please attend me in the morning where we’ll discuss things more in depth.”

Arnos Camroth approaches, “Congratulations on your appointment.” They banter a bit. When Lord Camroth leaves Adranis notices Mergeddon making a rude gesture behind his back.

Adranis and Andraste finally head out where Andraste is incredulous, “What were you thinking taking that position?”

Over at the Nentir Inn Elantris is finishing his drink when a boy bursts in, “Travelers from Winterhaven!” Elantris heads outside and sees a wagon crossing the 5 Arch Bridge. Elantris calls out, “Lord PeDrage!” A hooded figure pulls down the hood and Lord PeDrage’s salt and pepper hair is clearly visible. “Elantris? Join us.”

The wizard tells of an orc ambush near Gardmoor Abbey but they handled them easily.

At the House of the Sun Grundlemar lets Evon know a town crier announced Captain Wilkenson’s death and they should attend the funeral that afternoon. They also talk about Evon’s feeling of being pushed to find information about the spellplague and the bloodspear wars as well as a possible evil behind some of the more recent events. Grundlemar cautions that part of the reason Bahamut may be suble in his clues is to be careful about drawing too much attention from evil forces.

Elantris, Lord PeDrage, and Valthrune arrive at the Moonstone Keep. Elantris learns of Adranis’s promotion to Captain of the Guard. In disgust he heads to the kitchen to find a drink. He runs into some guards gossiping and joins in. He learns of a rumor that his uncle is the vampire out killing councilmembers – he assures them it isn’t true since he’s seen his uncle’s remains. After some more semi-drunken banter Elantris heads back out.

The funeral procession begins headed out into the Moonhills. Up a sparse path it continues to a small clearing where a few other grave sites are visible. The high priestess conducts the ceremony. The casket is lowered in and townfolk help fill in the soil. The sun sets just as the ceremony concludes.

The throngs start heading back to town. The 4 of hook back up during this time and catch up on the day’s events. At this time Valthrune also asks to join him, Lord PeDrage, and Lord Marklehay at the Moonstone keep to discuss matters at hand.

It is well into the night when we all arrive at the keep. Inside the keep Marklehay takes us to the library where a roaring fire is burning and a table of food and drink await. Everyone gets comfortable and seated when an uneasy PeDrake addresses us. “What is discussed here will not leave these walls.”

Valthrune states, “I will make sure of that,” and he begins pacing the edges of the library while incanting a spell. When done he announces, “No prying eyes will see nor hear us.”

Marklehay pipes up, “It is time for us to have a discussion. First,” looking at Andraste, “I want full disclosure about what you took from Elantris’ uncle’s estate”. Elantris pipes up that it is a piece of a key, 1 of 4 in fact, rumored to be a “skeleton key”. Andraste confirms that she is sure the object in the box she has hidden is indeed that piece. Elantris also tells them we believe the Gathada has the other 3 and Nineron may be a part of that group.

Lord PeDrage speaks up to discuss Elantris’ uncle. He was aware that his uncle was increasingly delving into the shadow arts but with his passing thought not to slander his name. It also comes to light that Andraste killed Elantris’ uncle. Marklehay is not happy about justice being meted out without due process. After he simmers down he asks Valthrune to talk.

“The object in the box, and the objects in the Gathada’s possession are not the key at all… in fact they are part of the map. There are probably several more pieces to this map, a map to the key itself.”

Talk turns to the parchment from the orcs we obtained and the dwarves partially unlocked. We give it to him to examine once again. With the divine lock unsealed he’s able to perceive the arcane lock. He whimsically mentions an oculous which would allow him to unravel the lock but it is ensorcelled in the Septark tower.

A subject of the Harpers comes up. They predated the spellplague. When the spellplague happened many of them went mad and it was though the Harpers ceased to exist. Marklehay reveals that all 3 of them are Harpers and they are still doing what they can to thwart the plots of evil.

We discuss plans on how to proceed. It’s determined we will copy the piece and enspell it for tracking. Andraste gives the box to Valthrune. They ask us to meet back up for breakfast. Marklehay makes a special request that we come to the keep in the morning via the Gravelstoke compound and that we attempt to subtly provoke them. Furthermore if they harass us we are to defend ourselves “vigorously”.

We head back to our respective lodgings and sleep.

Alturiak – 15 – 1479 D.R.

Around dawn we gather and head out towards the Gravelstoke estate. Adranis is disguised as a generic adventurer using Andraste’s magic hat.

As we stroll slowly past we count 6 guards. On our way by we taunt them – a big guard growls at us, “Move along.” We continue to tarry and he comes and shoves Evon. Evon breaks his grip and trips him, but another guard tells the brute to get back inside. We continue to taunt them but they just sit there glaring at us. We slowly continue past the compound.

As we turn to head up to the upper Quay a woman stops us frantically, “My daughter, she’s missing can you help? Her name is Molly, she’s in a blue dress with a doll and was playing by the catacombs, can you look for her, please??”

We agree to help. After we get towards the catacombs Adranis removes his disguise and we head in. The double doors to the catacombs stand ajar at the end of a run down cobblestone path. We don’t have time to send word to the keep so we head in. Andraste notices a recent small footprint going inside. A single everburning torch casts light in the main room. 5 tunnels lead out of the room further into the burial areas.

Andraste tries to follow the girl’s steps. We find a dead end going from antechamber to antechamber. We backtrack looking for another set of tracks. Deeper into the area we find older tombs. A blue piece of cloth is snagged on the rough stone of a collapsed portion of the wall. After searching we crawl through the opening to investigate.

We set off a trap and a fireball comes down the corridor. While it only singes us it collapses the tunnel behind us. More importantly the tunnel in front of us falls away with a 30’ pit. Elantris uses his teleporting powers to go across then throws a rope back.

We all make it across. Amongst the rubble on the other side we find a doll. We continue down the tunnel. Ahead we see an archway into another room. As we pass through it’s obviously part of the old tombs. Andraste heads in further to scout while we hang back. As she gets 30-40’ in skeletons start rising from the ground… lots of them.

Evon hears whispers that sound like prayers to Orcus.

As we start culling the skeletons 2 wraiths join the fray. We defeat everything after a bit of anxiousness.

When the monsters are all destroyed Evon notices the whispering stops. We search the side rooms but find just dead end chambers. At the end of the room we find a stone door. Andraste opens the door but gets stuck with a poison dart.

Beyond the door is a large chamber that appears to be an old mining complex. Evon hears more chanting.

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