Evon Dreams

Evon is of the race of Deva which are immortal beings from the Astral Sea and as such they can not easily be destroyed. Instead, when their mortal body is “killed” on a physical plane their essence returns to the Astral Sea. After a time, which in mortal terms could be anywhere from seconds to eons, their deity will reincarnate them in a new body somewhere in the physical planes – often far removed from their previous existence.

Each incarnation is usually profoundly different from the last. A Deva’s physical appearance and even gender can vary between manifestations. When Deva are reincarnated they also lose most of their direct memories of past lives. They do tend to have flashes of recollection or insight directly related to those previous experiences. Sometimes these manifest as vivid dreams experienced during meditation or sleep. Below are some of the more profound “dreams” Evon has had in this adventure.

Dream 1 – Hammer – 27 – 1479 D.R.

Deep in slumber, Evon’s vision is like that of a bird riding upon unseen currents of air. He envisions a familiar sight. Rising above the mists of the Astral Sea shine the seven splendid mountains of Celestia come into view. It’s like a distant memory of an ancient time.

His disembodied view of Celestia soon approaches the mountain they call Mertion. Something on a high spur of the mountain glints as it reflects the radiant sunlight of Celestia. As Evon approaches ever closer, his memories of this place flood his mind with joy and reverence. Here upon the slopes of Mertion lies the shining castle, home and court of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon.

Evon’s vision of this place fades and another more sinister scene appears…

The sickening glow of the lava pierced the inky blackness of The Nine Hells. Two monstrous figures stood adjacent to an altar of black obsidian upon which lay a Deva who was bound at his hands and feet.

“Your efforts have been in vain. You were a fool to strike at us in such a way.” The black skinned creature said to the bound figure. His voice was far too patient and sincere which left Evon sickened if not somewhat demoralized. The other creature stood in silence gazing at the Deva hungrily and clutching a sinister blade to his chest in a ritualistic posture.

“Your blood will soon cover this altar and my masters power and influence will increase yet again upon the face of this new world of mortals. Already the masters clerics guide the easily corruptible hearts of the human insects. They sew the human hearts with greed, lust, hatred, and fear. Why, just a short time ago I scryed the most abominable scene unfolding in a small village on the Dragon Coast. While a widowed farmer woman and her three young daughters slept, five men with less than honorable intentions entered the home. They took turns upon the females, even the youngest of them.” The monster seemed to relish Evon’s expression and flashed him a smile, his pointed yellow teeth featured prominently. At this, the Deva struggled against his bindings, clearly enraged. The monster fed off this rage and continued in kind, “afterward, the bandits bashed their skulls in!”

Resigned to the fate that awaited him upon the obsidian altar, Evon closed his eyes and spoke in a voice that radiated strength, wisdom and divine wrath. “My soul is eternal. I draw from a wellspring of brilliant, silvered power. He has given me this power. I’ve lived before and I will live again. I will return a thousand lifetimes more to bring final judgement against evil in all its forms.

The dream ends.

Dream 2 – Hammer – 30 – 1479 D.R.

The blade was plunging towards his heart. With the clarity of mind that comes with certain death time slowed to a crawl. Evon had what seemed like minutes to take in the details of the ceremonial blade which would send him back to the Astral plane. It was slightly longer than a dagger with a wicked curve. The ethereal metal was carved in devilish symbols from which an unholy red glow emanated. Bone twisted in unnatural ways intertwined with metal completing the hilt of the demonic weapon.

Evon could not look away as the point descended, ever closer to his bared chest. Finally the tip parted his skin. With a scream of agony light burst forth as his Astral energy was released. He felt himself rushing upwards in a spiraling grey mist. Memories were being torn from him but with his anger he clung to a vow to have justice and vengeance upon those in the Nine Hells.

As suddenly as it had begun the dream was over. Evon returned from his trance with a renewed purpose to crush evil fresh in his mind.

Dream 3 – ?

Evon felt as if he was floating. Faint images flitted by just out of grasp until one, that of a female Deva, slowly crystallized. She was stunning with a glow about her stark white hair. White patterns stood out against her ebony skin and her whole being radiated divine power while her face, her expressions, exuded divine wrath. Platinum scalemail adorned her tall slender form giving her a regal presence.

Evon’s perspective shifted and now he knew he was looking through the female Deva’s eyes. Peering out over the balcony of her small, second story apartment she could see the inhabitants of Teziir bustling around their daily lives. Sometimes one would look up and nod at her. Some of those nods held thankfulness, others awe.

A rap on the door pulled her from her watch. “Come in,” she said in an almost musical voice. The door opened and a burly swordsman entered obviously winded from a strenuous journey.

“We’ve found them,” he reported through deep breaths, “holed up in some caves near the base of the Giant’s Run Mountains.”

“Excellent. This will be the first small justice to repay the demon’s master and bring peace to the spirits of the widowed farmer and her family.” Grabbing her weapons she continued, “Lead on Sir Kilaen.”

With a twinkle of mischief in his eyes he replied, “Yes sir. I mean m’lady Evon.” (Long ‘E’)
Hearing his name pronounced with a feminine slant startled Evon from his sleep and he knew that it was his own eyes he had been staring out of in the dream.

Dream 4 – ?

The boy, no more than 10 summers old, was crying. Sobs wracked his body as he knelt over the bodies of his father and grandfather. Fresh blood dripped from Evon’s longsword as he watched with detached compassion from a few feet away, unsure how to comfort the child. Within minutes the demeanor of the child changed from grief to anger. Standing up the boy’s accusing eyes bored into Evon and he yelled, “Why? Why did you kill them? I’ll kill you.”

The boy charged Evon and started pounding on his midriff. Evon grabbed the boys arms gently but firmly and pushed him away. “They were evil men, my child. Their fate was sealed.” The boy was too angry to listen, blinded by parental love.

“I will kill you,” he shouted vehemently and ran off.

Evon awoke, saddened by the memory of pain in the child’s face.

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