February 25, 2012

Alturiak – 20 – 1479 D.R. (con’t) – Main Page

We wear some raggedy robes over our armor and load up the horses with extra feed bags so we look like a ripe target to the bandits if they’re on our way.

We find a place to camp for the night slightly off the King’s Road in the trees.

Alturiak – 21 – 1479 D.R.

We eat trail rations and continue. Before long we find a cobbled path that leads from the trade road up to the Thunderspire Mountains. As we ascend we can feel the effects of the altitude and the temperature changes.

These are the largest of the mountains that cover the northern portion of the Nentir Vale. Going further we find huge minotaur gates carved into the mountain. Hundreds of years ago a minotaur civilization thrived beneath the mountain. This gate was the entrance to their city, Cerune Kell. Today the minotaur empire is no more but there is still city, Seven Pillared Hall, which has limited trade with the outside cities.

Elantris opens the huge gate with a grunt and we enter a massive hall, 30ft high at the middle, lined with lanterns emitting light. Elantris pulls the door closed behind us. A short way into the mountain the path starts to splinter into other tunnels and we can tell the tunnel slopes downwards. Down one of the side passages we notice a light shining from a partially open door.

Andraste stealthily goes to investigate. She hears talking from inside. A guff voice says, “You’re worth 10 gold,” then a Halfling follows up glibly, “I’m worth at least 20, let me go and I’ll buy myself.” Adranis opens the door to see what is going on.

Inside the room are a number of hobgoblins and 1 halfling. After bantering a bit we convince the hobgoblins to let us buy the Halfling for 20 gold. Elantris mentions he wants to buy some deep gnomes. “We had some, but we already sold them,” the lead hobgoblin says. Elantris intimidates into him in telling us he sold them to a wizard in the labyrinth. “Take us to him,” Elantris commands but the hobgoblins resist and draw their weapons.

We kill the hobgoblins and free the Halfling, Rendil Halfmoon. His family runs the Halfmoon Inn down in the Seven Pillared Hall. He agrees to take us to “town”. He mentions Turlin Darkseeker is a renowed guide to the labyrinth when we ask. He mentions the Mages of Cerun came here many years ago hoping to profit from the lost magic that some of the deep races have access to. Seven Pillared Hall is home to all manner of shady folk such as ogres, hobgoblins, duergar (deep dwarves), and even drow come there. The mages enforce peace on the town itself. Beyond the hall itself, however, there are no safe havens.

Rendil leads us down the main hall deer into the mountain. Soon we enter an area with buildings carved out of the wall and creatures bustling around. Storefronts dot the area. A temple of Augma stands to one side along with what appear to residences. Past the customs house is a place with a sign, “House Azaar Trading”. A river bisects the cavern with a raised platform upon which a huge minotaur statue stands. We finally arrive at the Halfmoon Inn where Rendil arranges for care and stables for our horses.

He leads us into the inn where we greet a portly female Halfling, Rendil’s aunt as we learn. After a drink and some small talk we turn to finding the deep gnome elders. He mentions the blood reavers (the hobgoblins we fought) have spies and agents all over the Nentir Valeand trafficking in salvery. He also says he know where their hideout is in the labyrinth. We agree will lead us there in the morning. Rendil trundles off.

Our group goes to visit House Azaar Trading. On the way a large ogre beelines for us. He warns us of a 10% tax to the mages on any trades. All proceeds go to the customs house. We continue on to the trading house. Entering it’s somewhat busy. Behind the counter is a tiefling merchant but not one we recognize. He introduces himself as Norista and welcomes us to the city as well as his trading house. We mention we’ve med Amara at House Azaar in Fallcrest.

Turns out Elantris’ uncle came through here and had dealings with the deep dwarves. We also spot some starlight goggles but we can’t afford them. We head back to the inn to rest for the night.

Alturiak – 22 – 1479 D.R.

We eat breakfast and meed Rendil. He says our first stop is place called the Chamber of Eyes. He won’t go in, but will lead us there and make sure we know how to get back.

The trek is only a few hours long but walking through the gloomy halls makes it feel much longer. We enter a large antechamber with 2 fearsome statues of winged demons flank stairs us to a pair of doors. Over the doors is a picture of a great eye with multiple eyestalks. Heaps of rubble are scattered across the floor. A balcony overlooks the chamber from the north wall. We stow our raggedy robes.

High rasping voices and footsteps can be heard behind the doors. Rendil heads off while we sneak across the room and scale the wall to the balcony. Andraste unlocks the door and sneaks in. A room off to the right and down some stairs has two bored goblins and a sleeping hulking goblinite. Andraste moves down into the room and assassinates the large sleeping creature which we recognize as a bugbear. The rest of us rush in to take on the goblins. 2 more goblins enter the room from a hallway.

Evon blasts a spray of divine energy damaging and immobilizing the goblins. They become enraged. We kill them. The bugbear has a magical belt of sacrifice which Evon dons for now. We retrace our steps to go down the upstairs hall to a door. Andraste unlocks the door and cautiously opens it. 2 fierce looking dark dwarves are enjoying a fire. They jump up as we enter the room.

Red spikey spears shoot out from one of the dwarves beards but miss us. Adrien finishes the last one off but not before the dwarf yells something.

Andraste goes down the hall to check the doors. Inside one room she finds another hobgoblin warcaster. Just then the adjacent door busts open and large hobgoblin rushes her. Elantris moves past Andraste to engage the warcaster who casts a spell at him. We finish them off and search the rooms. The hobgoblin chief has a key.

We head down to another door and sneaks in to see what is there. The room has no creatures but appears to be the chieftains quarters. In the corner is a chest. The key fits. Inside is a set of +2 delver’s chainmail. Under some furs we find a letter written in common. It appears to be a contract for sale of the deep gnomes. It’s apparent these blood reavers sold them to the dark dwarves who intend to sell them to someone else.

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February 25, 2012

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