February 4, 2012

Alturiak – 15 – 1479 D.R. (con’t) – Main Page

Several deep gnomes live in this cave with a small fire burning. Some form of meat sizzles on s spit above the pit. While talking to them Doopgollyog mentions filthy men and evil beings came and took their elders to the Thunderspire Mountains. After some probing it seems these beings were minotaurs. We ask him how they know where they were taken – Doopgollyog pulls out a scroll, “They left us note.” We examine the scroll. It says to bring the deep gnome’s sacred relics to the mountains if they want the elders back.

We also ask about any entrances to towers above ground, places of magic. Doopgollyog mentions a “magic tunnel” where the “beared one” lives.

We bed down for the night but we do keep watch.

Alturiak – 16 – 1479 D.R.

Evon and Adranis are woken by the sound of a giggling child. The deep gnomes are playing with the girl, making faces, doing little dances, and even illusions. We eat a meager breakfast and get our gear back on.

Doopgollyog takes us to see their sacred relics. He leads us through the caverns to a slightly nicer door leading onto a rock column. Beyond are candles lighting a pedestal upon which lie some objects. As we approach we realize it’s 5 pieces of the magic map for which we have a piece.

We convince the deep gnomes to let us take the map pieces and promise to go rescue their elders. We leave the small temple and Doopgollyog leads us to some tunnels where the mercenaries came in. We leave Doopgollyog behind and start working our way out. Soon we hear guttural voices and the girl becomes afraid.

Andraste sneaks ahead and sees a group of goblins arguing over a map. A hobgoblin leads the group.

Evon puts the girl on his shoulders and asks her to be brave as they fight the “bad men”.

As Evon unleashes his god’s wrath on the goblins a hook horror drops from the ceiling and takes a swipe at him. The hook horror slashes Evon and grabs him, doing massive damage. The girl is not hit but she starts screaming wildly – this seems to have an effect on the horror.

Adranis rushes back to blast the hook horror with psionic energy. The hook horror flings Evon and the girl away then slashes and grabs Adranis. We finally defeat the hook horror but then notice the girl is missing. We find her a short distance off in an alcove amid 4 baby hook horrors. Andraste grabs the girl while the rest of us discuss the baby hook horror’s fate. Elantris retrieves the map from the hobgoblin, then uses a sack to take the hook horror’s with us for some unknown reason.

The hobgoblin map appears to be a map to the deep gnome area. Perhaps they were trying to get down there to grab the artifacts.

We continue up the passage way. It takes us another day to find an exit to the caverns.

Alturiak – 17 – 1479 D.R.

It’s evening when we emerge. We appear to be about 5 miles east of Fallcrest near the intersection of The Kings Road and Trade Road.

It takes about 2 hours but we arrive at town. The captain of the guard says Lord PeDrage headed back to Winterhaven though Valthrune stayed behind. More he would not say and motioned for us to head to Lord Marklehay’s manor for answers. Andraste takes the girl, Molly, home down in the lower quays. Adranis goes with her. Evon and Elantris head to the lord’s manor.

At Molly’s home mother and child are reunited in a happy embrace. After talking with the mom about the girls experience they bid her goodnight. As the door closes behind them Adranis notices a huge humanoid sitting on a stump across the street. “So you bring the girl back Captain Quinn,” he says in a low voice. Standing up he towers above Adranis and is obviously of the race of goliaths.

“My name is Kas. I have been hired by the Gravelstokes to manage their security detail.” They trade barbed pleasantries and then Kas says goodbye.

Meanwhile at Moonstone Keep the chamberlain meets Elantris and Evon in his pajamas. “Come in,” he says reservedly. “The children are asleep, please keep it down.” He goes off to get some refreshments. Shortly Lord Marklehay comes down and greets us.

“I was up, I haven’t been sleeping well lately,” he says. Elantris dumps out the bag with the map pieces onto a table. “What is this?” he asks befuddled.

“More pieces of the map,” Elantris states. We get down to the business of describing our adventures of the last few days in the catacombs. Then Lord Marklehay relates the developments in town. He suggests we may want to keep in contact with deep gnomes and cultivate a relationship with them and the town above. He also mentions his wife has been having dreams of blue, red, black, and green dragons.

He asks that we speak of the rest of the matters on the morrow and offers us the hospitality of his house for the night. We wait up for Adranis and Andraste to get to the keep, let them in, and head off to bed.

Alturiak – 18 – 1479 D.R.

The next morning we awake to the smell of bacon, hotcakes, and other sumptuous foods. We each get dressed and head down to breakfast.

Valthrune joins us. We discuss how to handle Nineron and her supposed “piece or pieces of the map”. We devise a plan to trap Nineron by leaking information about our map pieces being taken to the House of the Sun. A letter penned by Andraste will be secreted to the Nentir Inn. When Nineron is in the eating area a person using the the hat of disguise to appear as an eledrin will enter, ask for Andraste, and receive the letter. That person will then sit down and ensure Nineron can eavesdrop on the letter which leads her to the House of the Sun.

We then turn to the political matters that have developed in the last few days. An old law dictates the majority land owner in the area has a stake in ruling the city. Lord Camroth has sold his holdings to the Gravelstokes giving them a play for leadership. To make a smooth and unbloody transition they will need majority votes on the council. Right now there are only 4 people on the council – Marklehay, Arnos Camroth, Zander Gravelstoke, and Andranis Quinn as Captain of the Guard. Another part of the plan is to engineer a rift between Elantris and Marklehay over the arrest of Nineron. The idea here is to make the Gravelstokes believe Elantris may be worth backing for a seat on the council to break their tie in the bid for power.

Elantris shows the huge rubies from the temple of Orcus to Valthrune. He casts a spell to discern their nature. He goes into a trance and a mystic light bursts forth from the rubies. An image appears above the table of the temple with the priest, the girl we saved, and Evon. However as the image unfolds it appears to show what would have happened had we not stopped it – the girl is split open and her blood flows into the center of the room. A blood demon rises and reaches for Evon, then the image disappears. Valthrune comes out of the trance and is shaken. He claims some evil being does not want us to have these and we should guard them.

We leave by a secret entrance. Adranis, Andraste, and Evon, all in heavy hooded cloaks head for the House of the Sun. Elantris disguised as a random human heads to the Nentir Inn to plant the letter. He then heads down to the Lower Quays (as another random human) and awaits a ship to come in. He disguises himself then as an unknown eledrin and mingles with the people coming off the vessel. Asking for directions to the Nentir Inn he heads there. Entering he looks around then introduces himself to the innkeep as Dassan looking for Andraste. The innkeep claims to not know of anyone by that name, despite being given the message earlier. Nineron sidles over and introduces herself.

Elantris gets flustered since this is not going according to our plan. Nineron claims to be a friend of Andraste but hasn’t seen her in a week. She is also forward about a tryst, further flustering Elantris. Eventaully Nineron gets snarky and suggests he’s checks with the Moonstone Keep or even the Temple of the Sun where the “purple one” stays, then stalks off to her room.
Elantris heads back to the House of the Sun to “look” there. Later that night Nineron comes poking around. She scales the walls and enters through an upstairs window. She then uses a rope to descend quietly into the temple room where Elantris (still disguised as Dassan) and Andranis await her and arrest her. Evon and Andraste do not reveal their presence.

Nineron is escorted to the stockade by Andranis and the guards and put in shackles. Andraste slips out and heads to the Nentir Inn to confront the innkeep, Irandil, about the letter that never made it. After roughing the Halfling up she gets the letter back (seal is broken) and the key to Nineron’s room. Andraste heads up to toss the room. After disabling a trap she finds a message that the Githada is sending an agent to meet with her in 2 weeks. She puts the message back and resets the trap to hide her intrusion.

Alturiak – 19 – 1479 D.R.

Elantris goes up to the Moonstone Keep to continue the plan. He challenges the imprisonment of Nineron, claiming Captain Quinn and the guards fabricated the events around her capture. Marklehay and Elantris exchange heated words. Their ruse is convincing as Marklehay has Elantris ejected from the keep.

Outside the keep Lord Camroth approaches Elantris and flatters Elantris on his holdings. Camroth futher plays on Marklehays incompetence and suggests that others may be better suited to lead Fallcrest into prosperity. He leads Elantris to his home and offers him a bottle of ancient Elverquist as a token of good will. Elantris mentions he’s leaving for a little while to take care of business. Camroth says it will take time to cement things and to have patience. Nothing will happen to Nineron in his absence and they bid good day.

Andranis Quinn addresses his guards en masse for the first time since his appointment as Captain. He asks the sergeants to watch for anything “unusual” on the auspices of preventing infiltration by the Iron Circle.

Meanwhile Elantris covertly talks with Nineron and secures her agreement to wait till he returns and secures her release from prison. He also agrees to get Quinn to get her unshackled. Before this happens however Andraste also talks to Nineron and rubs in her incarceration.

Later Andranis goes down to make Nineron’s stay at least a tad more comfortable.

Elantris arranges to keep the hook horror babies safely. He gets with one of the farmers near his estate to build a chicken coop to keep them locked up. The farmer will also ensure they stay fed while we journey.

We all prepare for our journey. Elantris visits his manor and talks to the surrounding landholders about perhaps selling their land.

Alturiak – 20 – 1479 D.R.

We head out the east gate on our horses towards the Thunderspire Mountains to find the deep gnome elders.

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February 4, 2012

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