February 5, 2011

Hammer – 9 – 1479 D.R. (con’t) – Main Page

Evon talks to Grundlemar about the trip to Winterhaven. He asks Evon to take an offering to the temple there and advises him to be careful on the journey. He mentions that Sister Lanora can raise dead, though he hopes we don’t need it. As Evon starts to enter his reverie a loud noise comes from Grundlemar’s chambers. Evon goes to investigate and Grundlemar is snoring louder than clan of orcs combined. Evon leaves him be.

Elantris stays at the Silver Unicorn across from the temple.

Adranis stays at the barracks.

Andraste stays at the blacksmiths.

After his reverie, very early in the morning, Elantris heads up to his uncles estate to let the neighbors and grounds keepers know the situation with the estate.

Hammer – 10 – 1479 D.R.

We meet for a late breakfast at the Silver Unicorn. There are no caravans going out so we head out on foot by ourselves. We pay the toll (1cp per head) and start our journey up the King’s Road towards Winterhaven.

The day passes without incident. It’s cold out but there’s no snow or rain.

We stop for the night just north of The Cloak Wood and set up camp about 100 yards from the road.

Evon takes first watch, Andraste second, and Elantris third. We opt to have Adranis sleep through so he is well rested.

Hammer – 11 – 1479 D.R.

We eat some breakfast and resume our journey, heading into the Gardbury Downs. The terrain becomes tougher due to the sharp hills.

For the night we camp off the road Southwest of Gardmore Abbey.

The night is uneventful.

Hammer – 12 – 1479 D.R.

We head out early again. Soon we notice footprints going up and down the road made by small, clawed feet Kobolds. We halt and look around as well as listen for sounds.

Moving cautiously we leave the roadway, head around a copse of trees, and get near an outcropping of rocks for cover. As we get to the rocks kobolds emerge all around us, attacking us and catching us surprised.

Three kobolds hang back. One is using a sling and 2 others look much tougher than the rest.
The 2 toughs come in to attack Adranis. We dispatch a couple of the minions but the kobold fighters and the sling thrower are wearing us down. Finally the 2 fighters go down as well as the rest of the minions and we chase down the slinger kobold and kill him.

We loot the corpses and drag them into the woods, then press on. By evening we’re still several miles from Winterhaven so we decide to make camp again. Another uneventful night passes.

Hammer – 13 – 1479 D.R.

About mid morning we can see the outskirts of Winterhaven. The thatched roof homes and worn stone walls shows this town to be smaller and far less populous than Fallcrest, perhaps a 1000 residents in all. The gates stand open with 2 guards who hail us as we approach.

We greet the guards, exchange pleasantries and then head to the inn to secure lodging for at least the night. A welcome aroma emanates from the tavern as we approach. Inside we see mostly humans. We sit at a table and order an early lunch.

After lunch we sell some of the kobold gear at a general store then head towards the temple to find Sister Lonora. Evon gives her the donation from Grundlemar and convey his respects as well as his visions of evil doings related to the Shadowfell. She has no knowledge of any cult activity in the area but can confirm increased incursions by the kobold. They’re even bold enough to attack the outlying farms but Lord PeDrage has taken no overt action. After praying to Bahamut we leave to head to the lord’s manor.

At the manor the gate is closed and two guards cautiously challenge us. We explain we have a package from Lord Marklehay as well as personal business. After a moments deliberation they let us in.

We proceed to the manor and rap the knocker. A page opens the door and greets us. We ask to see Lord PeDrage. He invites us into the foyer and runs off to inform the lord.

A few minutes later an older gentleman in comfortable garb approaches but with a palpable air of authority. He introduces himself has Lord PeDrage and welcomes us then asks our business. We give him the package from Lord Marklehay. Elantris then tells him about his uncle’s death and the note mentioning we contact him. The lord conveys his condolences and invites us to for a drink to talk more in depth.

Lord PeDrage is aware of Camroth’s machinations even here in Winterhaven though he’s convinced Camroth is not a direct threat any time soon. He’s also sure that Camroth is connected to Elantris’ uncle’s death as Camroth is interested only in acquiring land by any means possible.

We also discuss the kobold threat as well as Grundlemar’s vision of cult activities. He has no knowledge of that but does indicate that he knows (or thinks he knows) where the source of the kobolds is: south and east of the village. He would like to commission us to route the kobolds and we agree to look into it.

We bid our farewells and head to get supplies. We also visit various places around town before heading back to the inn to await for the evening crowd. Lord PeDrage suggested the town wizard usually visits the inn in the evening and this would be a better approach than going to the wizard’s tower.

The inn is noisy and bustling. A musician is playing a lute as townsfolk trickle in from the cold. An elven lady sits in the corner. Andraste goes to talk to her but the lone elf claims to be a hunter as curtly asks to be left alone.

The smith shows up and sits with a group of dwarves. Lord PeDrage arrives and sends over a round of drinks to us all.

Adranis goes over to the lone elf to try again, this time with a plea for information about the surrounding area or any other tid bits that might be useful. He doesn’t get very far as she snidely rebuffs him.

A man who could only be a wizard comes in and sits with Lord PeDrage. A while later Lord PeDrage motions us to come over and introduces us to the wizard Valthrune. He hasn’t heard of any issues related to the Keep of Shadowfell but with the news of Grundlemar’s vision his curiosity is piqued. He agrees to do some research and relay any findings the next time we see him.

We go to bed for the night.

Hammer – 14 – 1479 D.R.

In the morning we visit the general store to stock up on supplies then head out. We also hear gossip about the elf in the tavern from the night before. Supposedly she’s a hunter but no one knows much about her. Rumors abound that she’s a spy for some unknown agent.

As we’re traveling down the King’s Road we get ambushed by kobolds. Three are obviously fighters. The 4th is a spell caster of some kind. Another fighter kobold shows up in the middle of the fight and goes after Evon.

After several close calls and a prolonged battle we finally defeat the last kobold. The shaman kobold has a necklace with a dragon carving of the undead lord Orcus around his neck.

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February 5, 2011

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