January 19, 2013

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Ches 1st (con’t)

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Until the game let’s use this space to plan out our goals for the session.


  1. Gather information on the blood spear orcs from Lady Markelhay’s correspondence, maps, etc.
  2. See if we can release any prisoners in the keep
  3. Poison / Destroy the food stores
  4. Loot the treasure room!!!!
  5. Discuss killing specific targets in the Shadow Fell one’s that might be able to open a gate
  6. Return to Faerun
  7. Determine how much time has passed while we were in the Shadow Fell
  8. Depending on how much time has passed some of the items below may have been completed
  9. Declare martial law
  10. Assemble maps of the area to identify defensive positions, choke points, ambush locations, etc
  11. Meet with the deep gnomes and discuss using their tunnels to
    evacuate non combatants
    flank the enemy and attack supply lines
    evacuate the city
  12. Continue to have the caretaker of my farm purchase land from farmers and lease the land back to them
  13. Meet with Kaz and see if he can be convinced to work for us
  14. Meet with the thieves guild
    I plan on discussing putting a river rat in each unit and use them to scout the enemy
    Possible incentives are forgiveness of past offences, splitting up the remnants of the Gravelstokes assets, position on the council as a legitimate businessman once the battles are over
  15. Establish a draft
    Units will headed up by someone that Adrian or I trust
    If the Gravelstokes do not comply have them charged with treason
    Gravelstokes will be spread out as much as possible between the various units
    A member of the river rats will be assigned to each unit as well to keep an eye on things
  16. In addition to the creation of fighting units, work should begin on shoring up defenses, building siege engines, creation of burning oil and pitch, digging trenches, sharpening spikes for use in a palisade, storing food, water, and medical supplies
  17. Requisition any magical and non magical items that may be of use to the army
  18. Consider using the septarch’s tower to house refugees and possibly explore to find a magical weapon that can be used against the opposing armies

Nentir Inn
Lower Quays
Sergeant Murgeddin
Lord Markelhay
Moonstone Keep
Dar Gremath
Lord Pedraig
Gardmore Abbey
Five-Arch Bridge
Lord Kamroth
Silver Unicorn Inn
Tyela Neuma
Septarch’s Tower
Silver Unicorn Inn
Iron Circle
Lady Markelhay
Baron Stockmer
Vincent Gravelstoke
Xander Gravelstoke

January 19, 2013

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