January 7, 2012

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The mining area we’re now in is cavernous and old but looks maintained. The cart tracks appear sturdy and functional. We can barely make out the uneven roof of the cavern about 50’ to 70’ up. Great columns of rough hewn stone appear at intervals to prevent cave ins.

We find fresh tracks and some droplets of blood, presumably from the injured child, heading down the right passages. We follow the tracks. After a while the tracks seem go into an area where the ground changes from a stonier surface to a soft, compacted dirt. Andraste sneaks forward and finds bones, cloth, and other remains that appear to lead up a large opening – a lair She motions the rest of us to come forward.

After we reach Andraste she creeps forward more. There appears to be additional antechambers ahead. The ground rumbles a bit. The soil shifts as though something is slithering beneath it. Suddenly a giant purple worm bursts up from the sand. Giant fangs protrude from it’s maw. It can burrow through solid walk and relies on blind sight and movement tremors to track it’s prey.

It grabs Adranis in it’s mouth. Adranis wiggles free. Evon runs back towards the stone ground and sees a small creature watching. “Run purple one,” and it throws something onto the dirt, “run all of you”. We all make it back to the stone ground. “Come, I take to you to safety,” it beckons. He takes us into a small secluded area that is easily overlooked. As we get a good look at him we recognize him as a Sverneblin, a deep gnome (Dupegollyog). He tells us only dark ones can pass the purple worm lair. He says there is a secret entrance in the south cave with many traps. He mentions a temple as well where the dark ones take their sacrifices.

Dupegollyog leads us through the southern caverns to the secret passage then bids us good luck. After closing the secret door from the other side we find ourselves in a small passage. At the end are some double doors that have a noticeable reek emanating from them. There’s a single door, which we decide to go through.

Beyond the rickety wooden door is hallway that opens up into a larger room. In the corner we see a statue.

As we enter the room we immediately start sliding – the floor is sloped and as slippery as if it had ice on it. Andraste falls and slides into the statue with Elantris right behind her, also prone. Adranis and Evon are able to control themselves and slide to a stop behind the others.
The statue animates and shoots a magic missle. Another statue at the far side also shoots a magic missile. There is a mechanism on the far side of the room but we can’t reach it. The statues glow red hot, melting the ice but are now fully automated.

We defeat them pretty easily. There is another door leading out of this room. Andraste disables a poison trap on the door and unlocks it. There’s another hallway but it does not connect to the room that was off the stinky doors we passed so we head back to check out that room.

Andraste opens it – we are immediately assaulted by the vile smell of decaying flesh. Andraste and Elantris retch. In the center of the room is a pit filled with bodies. We do not see a body of a little girl so we close the doors and move on.

At small pool of dark, still water sits just off the end of the hall. Using a rope and a sunrod we determine the water is about 50’ deep. It appears to be normal water. We pull the rope and sunrod back up.

Elantris decides to go investigate it. He dives in with a sunrod. At the bottom he finds an opening that leads towards a large area of water. He follows it then swims upwards, finding himself in a large cavern. The place smells of decay and he can barely make out walkways high above. He carefully edges out of the water to investigate further. There appears to be no other way out of the cavern except through the water tunnel. He heads back and tells us of his findings.

Realizing we never looked at the mechanism on the wall in the last room Andraste heads back and examines it. Fiddling with it causes a secret door to open, behind which is a small alcove with a chest. Inside is a decent out of gold coin.

We head down the other tunnel towards the door. Andraste opens it after checking for traps. Behind is a curved cooridoor with a door off to one side. Around the bend further is a large hallway ending in another double door.

We try the single door that we believe goes into the large pool room. Evon opens the door. A rim around the room is a walkway that slopes up both ways from the door. Thin beams go upwards towards the ceiling, splitting off to two diamond shaped platforms above. Figures are suspended on the platforms that appear to be deep gnomes. They’re bound but perhaps still alive. Suddenly we notice undead skeletons on the ledge above which start attacking us.

Evon heads to fight them while Elantris teleports to one of the platforms and frees 4 deep dwarves. On the other platform one of the deep dwarves is ripped apart, blood spraying everywhere. Andraste teleports there and frees the 3 remaining before they are killed.

Evon finishes off 3 of the skeletons. Elantris finishes off a 4th. Andraste finishes off the last. We help the deep dwarves get out and send them towards the secret entrance. Meanwhile we head deeper looking for the girl.

We find a long hallway with holes in the wall at one end. Sure it’s a trap Elantris heads back to get the empty chest so we can throw it into the hall in hopes of setting off the trap. Unfortunately when he reaches the room with chest he sees bodies of the deep dwarves and 3 wraiths materialize.

Elantris runs away back to the group. He tells us of the wraiths and we head back to kill them. When they are dead we grab the chest and head back to the trapped hallway. Elantris chucks the chest into the hall and 6 fireballs shoot down the hall leaving char on the walls. At the far end they explode with a thunderous roar.

Andraste searches down the hall and is able to see the triggers and help us avoid them, though they appear all tripped. At the end the hallway does a you turn into another long hall. Elantris hurls the chest again but nothing happens. We head down the hall and suddenly hear a hissing sound. Elantris passes out from poison gas. Andraste finds a switch which turns off the gas while we drag Elantris down the hall. Within in a few minutes we’re able to revive Elantris.

Around another bend the hallway empties out into the temple. The room is huge with several dais’, a lowered floor with steps. The chanting is much louder now as we enter the temple. Shadows seem to shift across the entire area but a robed figure is visible at the far end standing over a low table. We can hear the moans of a girl in that general direction.

We enter the room and everything turns towards us. Adranis attacks one of the skeletons while Andraste sneaks up to attack a different one. The cleric turns around, “You are too late, the ritual has begin.” A blue beam of light shoots from the statue and an undead dragon materializes on a platform opposite.

Nearly a score of undead start converging on us. The dracolich tries to fear us. The dracolich then locks eyes with the status and another beam seems to infuse it with malevolent power. Evon calls down the Trumpet of the Stars Fall on the dracolich and the other undead nearby it. The undead are eradicated and the dracolich is knocked to the ground. A thick smoke fills that area.

Adranis teleports to save the girl. He attacks the priest and decapitates him. The entire place starts to rumble. Adranis tries the free the girl as we continue to destroy the undead creatures around us. The dracolich finally shakes off the divine wrath and flaps to the entrance, blocking our way out.

Adranis frees the girl and starts carrying her back to us while avoiding the roving beams. He passes the girl off to Andraste while we all converge on the dracolich, killing some of the remaining undead on the way. Andraste sneaks past the dragon and into the hallway, trying to keep the child safe from falling debris.

We finally finish the dracolich. At the same time the statue of Orcus crumbles, it’s ruby eyes tumbling into the blood pool. While Evon and Adranis head out Elantris goes back to get the gems… as he reaches for them a huge chunk of ceiling falls and spatters blood all over Elantris. He’s still able to get the gems and runs out after us. We manage to make it through the crumbling hallways back to the secret entrance.

Dupegollyog is waiting for us and leads us back to safety. He takes us to his home, if you could call it that. We rest and heal the girl while we determine how to get out of these mines.

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January 7, 2012

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