January 8, 2011

Hammer – 8 – 1479 D.R. – Main Page

Adranis (Adrian) Quinn pays the bridge toll for the wagons and the caravan heads into town. The toll master looks a bit startled at Evon and has obviously never seen a Deva before. He asks Evon for his name and business. Evon states he is going to the temple of Bahamut. Adrian offers to show the way to the temple and also mentions there are others in town Evon may wish to meet.

Elantris, a Sun Elf, arrives at the docks in Fallcrest. He was summoned a couple months earlier by his uncle who lives on a farm outside of town. He approaches an urchin in the wharf to get directions. The unkempt child is happy to show him out of the area and provide directions, for a price. Elantris flips the child a silver, unknowing that the child has already lifted several more from his purse.

Andraste, another Sun Elf who has been in Fallcrest for a couple months, takes note of Elantris’ arrival and follows him. She notices the little thief take his money and after he departs she roughs up the urchin to get his money back. Then she catches up to Elantris and confronts him in Elvish, “Are you missing something?”

He notices her abruptly since she approached stealthily but seeing a fellow member of The People is not concerned and talks with her. He learns from her that her uncle passed away about a month ago but she can take him to his estate past the Harrold farm. Suddenly she disappears leaving Elantris to find directions to the inn on his own.

Evon enters The near the Knight’s Gate of town across from the Silver Unicorn Inn. While dedicated to Amaunator, the sun god, there are also shrines to Bahamut and Tempus. Grundelmar a Dwarf priest of Amaunator recognizes what Evon is and bows low offering his services. He joins Evon for a prayer but after a common recital leaves Evon to his meditations. Grundelmar heads outside wondering where Adrian went and after finding out that Adrian knows nothing of Devas gives him a history lesson. He explains Devas come from the Astral Sea, not far from the gods.
Grundelmar also goes on to say he believes he knows why the Deva is here: to go fight the evil at the Keep on the Shadowfell.

An unknown Sun Elf (Elantris) approaches the Silver Unicorn Inn and catches both Grundelmar’s and Adrian’ eye. Evon finishes up his prayer and joins them outside. Grundelmar offers Evon a place to stay at the temple which he accepts. Grundelmar also warns of break-ins and Evon agrees to help guard the place. While Elantris heads to the inn Grundelmar finds Evon some more worthy attire including traveling clothes and chainmail. Additionally he hands Evon a fine silver rob emblazoned with a carving of Bahamut. He tells Evon about his vision of evil at the Keep on the Shadowfell. Finally, he gives Evon a traveling pack, some gold, and a key to the temple.

Evon heads to the inn across the street to find some dinner. Adrian introduces Evon to Elantris whom he has just met. They also talk about their mutual acquaintance Andraste, whom Grundelmar suggested could help Evon on any quests such as to the Keep on the Shadowfell.

The proprietor of the inn sits our party at a table where we all chat about events. Andraste joins us shortly but has already eaten. After concluding the meal Evon bids goodnight to the others and heads to the door. Upon opening the door, however, he notices a rope dangling from an upstairs window of the temple.

Evon quickly motions the others to come outside where they hide, waiting for anyone to come down the rope. A few minutes later the rope stars to shake and legs come out the window. We can hear 2 voices whispering.

We ambush the 2 and kill them but hear a 3rd still inside. We scare the thief into jumping out where we finish him off.

Adrian gets the guards while Evon wakes Grundelmar. The guards and Grundelmar confirm the theft of temple property – Grundelmar gives the other adventurer’s a small reward for protecting the temple.

Evon turns in for the night and the others head off to their respective lodgings.

Hammer – 9 – 1479 D.R.

In the morning we all meet in the common room of the Silver Unicorn Inn. After breakfast we head out to our morning tasks.

Andraste stays at the temple and installs some new locks, one of her specialties.

Elantris, Adrian, and Evon head to the lord’s manor (Moonstone Keep) to petition the lord about Elantris’ estate. Lord Markelhay resides there in the Northeast part of the town.

We’re taken to an antechamber to await audience. Refreshments are provided. After only a short wait an older gentleman, a seasoned warrior, enters and introduces himself as Lord Markelhay.

We talk about the previous night’s events as well as Elantris’ claim on his uncle’s estate. Lord Markelhay informs us a wealthy merchant has also laid claim that it was supposed to be sold to him. Until the matter is resolved, however, Lord Markelhay grants lordship of the estate to Elantris. Lord Markelhay also mentions if we go to Winterhaven he has a package he would like delivered.

We head back to the temple to see how the lock installation is going. After everything is in order the 4 of us head towards Elantris’ estate. The walk takes us about 2 hours.

The estate is a 2 story home sitting on around 10 acres of land. It is a typical rural dwelling made of stone and timber – sturdy but not elegant. We find the barrow has been robbed. Andraste can tell there were at least 3 tomb robbers, 1 of which was a Halfling.

Back at the house Andraste opens the door, to the other’s surprise, with a key she pulls from a pouch. A light layer of dust covers the floor with no obvious tracks except those of small rodents. Elantris heads to a work desk along one wall. A thin layer of dust covers the desk except for a rectangular area where it’s obvious a box was recently removed. Elantris reviews the rest of the desk, reading some routine estate papers and searching for his uncle’s seal. Not finding it he suspects it was in the missing box.

Evon heads to check out the fireplaces since he noticed a disturbance of the roof tiles – he finds ash has been tracked out of the master suite fireplace.

Elantris and Adrian head to check out the root cellar. After searching crates they find some papers in the bottom of an onion box which turns out to be a note from his uncle. “I’m being watched… I suspect they’re trying to kill me… they may work for Camroth but I have no proof… I’m not feeling well, perhaps poison but again no proof… if you read this letter and I’m dead search out an old friend – Lord Padraig in Winterhaven.”

After filling up our supplies we take much of the remaining supplies to the neighboring farmsteads. Other supplies we take back to town for Grundelmar to distribute to the needy. Elantris intends to show the letter to Lord Markelhay even though it may not be construed as proof.

Adrian heads off to sleep while the rest of us pay Lord Markelhay visit. It’s late and his guards only reluctantly let us in for an audience. We’re led into a hearth room where children are playing and the lord and lady are lounging. Elantris shows him the letter. Evon entertains the kids as they are very curious about his appearance. Andraste does a cursory check of the locks.

Based on the letter contents Lord Markelhay decides to formally and permanently award the estate to Elantris – he will make the announcement on the morrow. He also has his house steward provide the package we’re to deliver to Lord Padraig on the way out.

We return to our beddings to rest for the night so we can head out for Winterhaven in the morning.

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January 8, 2011

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