July 22, 2011

Hammer – 30 – 1479 D.R. (con’t) – Main Page

Andraste goes to scout Dardune. As she approaches she see’s other townsfolk but no obvious signs of the Iron Circle. She enters the bar to listen to gossip. Apparently the Iron Circle comes through every few weeks and take whatever they want. She also learns the wizard in the caravan was named Sven and there is an elder half-elf in Darnune, Madera, who opposes the Iron Circle.

She returns to the rest of the group. We ride into town to approach Madera and return the wagon and goods. As we get close to town the folk come out to see our procession. They are thankful for the return of their merchandise and take us to see Madera.

We meet in the inn where the barkeep insists are serving us a meal and drinks. Madera enters after we’ve eaten and comes to greet us. She joins us at the table and thanks us for our help with the Iron Circle. Her father was a Woodsinger Elf and she believes they would help with overthrowing the Iron Circle.

Elantris informs her of our mission and our progress so far. Her eyes light up, “Be praised finally, this is what must be done. Seek the woodsinger elves in the forest to the South.”
We decide to stay the night and start out fresh in the morning.

Evon has a dream – Evon Dream 2

Alturiak – 1 – 1479 D.R.

We have breakfast at the inn and then head out. It’s a cold, windy, unpleasant day. Our horses trudge through the snow as we follow the game trails. By late afternoon we near the forest. It seems reverent and peaceful.

As we enter the forest we dismount and lead them through the trees. By dusk we’ve traveled almost 2 miles into the forest. While it’s winter time, in the forest it seems unnaturally warm.

“Hold strangers, we would speak with you,” comes a voice from the shadows. An elf steps into the open, a bow in his hand, approaches us. “I am Isrifen of the woodsingers. What is your business here?”, he states.

We introduce ourselves. Isrifen remarks about Evon, “I have never seen one of your kind.”

“We are rare,” Evon states matter of factly.

“If you have ill intentions I warn you that I am not alone,” he says to our group.

“Only evil have need fear us,” Evon says, “for the might of Bahamut will strike them down.”

“Followers of the Platinum Dragon are always welcome here,” Isrifen replies.

He asks each of our members about their past and heritage and exchanges pleasantries. He then directs us to speak with Ariel, the chief of all the woodsinger clans, and takes us to her.

A sharp eyed female elf enters the thicket and greets us, “Well met, I am Arial.”

We entreat her people’s aid but she is adamant that unless we demonstrate our aid to them then they can not aid us. We agree to take a task from them. She describes a sanctuary in the heart of the forest that has been taken over by an ancient evil. An undead wizard named Yisarn has aligned himself with the Daggerburg goblin clan. The entrance to Yisarn’s lair is a ring of standing stones that requires dragons blood to activate.

She also agrees to give us a vial of green dragons blood, enough to activate the standing stones 3 times. We head out. A few hours later we’re coming down the trail to the standing stones. A wagon sits on the path. Suddenly some giant spiders jump us.

During the battle 3 goblins come out of the wagon to attach us and more spiders show up. After a prolonged battle we finally defeat all the monsters. We decide to rest and recuperate before entering the sanctuary.

Before bed, Adranis shares some trepidation about teleportation. We assure him this is safe and if not we won’t know it.

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July 22, 2011

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