July 23, 2011

Alturiak – 2 – 1479 D.R. – Main Page

It’s early morning. We’ve eaten a quick and light breakfast then cautiously entered the magical circle. Holding hands we activate the teleport. After a short blinding flash we appear in a large room littered with tables and shelves. Around the room are several goblins who stare at us, started by our appearance. In cages around the room are red drakes, hissing. Evon recognizes them as blood seeker drakes.

We dispatch a couple of minions and secure the drake cages to prevent them from being released.
A tougher looking goblin on the stairs points a wand at Adranis, Elantris, and Andraste. The air turns frigid and the floor turns to ice beneath them.

We dispatch the remaining goblins and their leader. We kill the drakes as well.

We loot the goblins and search the room. The leader has a skull top rod but it’s magic seems expended.

Around the top loft are glowing runes around a desk. Evon is able to determine it’s a ward of protection but that he can enter it safely. He retrieves the scrolls and a tome from the desk. The tome is a chronicle from an unknown Eledrid wizard. Each scrolls is the name and location of an elven crypt. Evon hands those to Andraste since they seem related to her mission as guardian and retriever of elven artifacts.

There are 2 doorways leading out of the room, both locked.

Andraste examines the doors and locks for traps but finds none. She picks them and looks in. The room beyond is dimly lit by 3 small braziers. Two skeletons and the undead wizard are across the room. A large spider can be seen in webs on one side in from of some iron doors. She also notices the floor in front of the door is false.

We device a plan to enter the room by throwing some tables into the false floor and then jumping across to engage the enemy. This plan is executed perfectly and we all launch ourselves into the room.

Adranis goes for the spider while Evon prepares to turn the undead.

Andraste manages to garrote the undead wizard preventing him from casting spells. Adranis and Elantris finish the spider while the others kill the undead. At the end, the wizard, weakened by our damage, misfires a lighting spell consuming his bony remains.

We search the room and find a level that locks the false floors. We also find a keyring on Yisarn. We find a Rod of Divinity for Evon.

We burn the webs. We destroy the partial dragon skeleton.

Andraste unlocks the iron door. Beyond are some catacombs that eventually lead to the forest. We do have to camp for the night before finding the exit. We lock the keep up as we leave.

Alturiak – 3 – 1479 D.R.

We make our way back to the woodsinger camp where Ariel thanks us. “You’ve proved yourself by ridding our forest of an old evil. We pledge our aid to helping free the Harkenwold from the Iron Circle. 50 elven bows will be ready. We’ve also heard the Iron Circle is preparing to attach the uprisers. Raython and others are gathering at Albridge. We will meet you there in 2 days time.”

We head out of the forest and towards Albridge. We try to track down the Iron Circle’s outriders and scouts to blind them to the forces in Albridge.

Alturiak – 4 – 1479 D.R.

The track we follow leads through a thicket where a light fog permeates the air. It’s raining.
We see an Iron Circle brigand riding a drake. There are also several other Iron Circle soldiers hiding behind trees.

“There they are,” yells the female behind a tree, “Get them.”

The drake charges. The adept pelts us with fire and heals the drake until Andraste garrotes her. We finish off the drake and other brigands while Andraste incapacitates the adept.

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July 23, 2011

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