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Alturiak – 28 – 1479 D.R. – Main Page

When Elantris reaches the inn the innkeep motions to him and gives him a message. “Someone left this for you – a mysterious cloaked figure.”

Elantris opens the message: “I have information about the night your uncle died. Meet me tonight at the 5 arch bridge. Come at midnight. Come alone.”

Meanwhile Evon has reached the brothel. Lush couches adorn the room and the madam leads a bewildered Evon to one to sit. “How may we help you Lord Evon? Grapes? Wine?”

“No thank you, just some water,” Evon replies. One of the girls slinks off. “I would like to speak with Star please.”

The madam responds, “She’s with a client at the moment, may one of my other girls help you?”

“I will wait,” Evon says matter of factly. Just then Andraste enters the brothel and stops, stunned to see Evon. The expression on Evon’s face is one Andraste has never seen – in complete contrast to the holy wrath that shapes his face in battle this look is one pleading for help. Andraste turns without a word and exits, closing the door behind her.

After laughing uncontrollably for nearly a minute she re-enters the building as calmly as possible asks Evon to extricate himself.

Suddenly a scream emanates from one of the back rooms. As Andraste rushes down the hall to investigate she runs into Star fleeing towards the main room. The young lady is sobbing uncontrollably as blood streams from her face. A purple welt pulsates across her forehead.

Andraste pushes on and enters the room Star came out of. In the room is a naked burly man sitting in a chair. Blood drips from his knuckles. “So you’re the replacement bitch, huh? Get naked so I can fuck you,” he says crudely.

Without a thought Andraste boots the man in his privates and he doubles over in instant. Falling from the chair and curled up on the floor the man snarls, “You cunt, I’m in the Gravelstoke guard and you’ll pay for that.”

Uncaring Andraste pins him to the ground with her foot. “How do you like it now?” Andraste asks. “So you like to beat up women, let’s see how you like it when they fight back.”

“I paid to rough her up, I paid!” he claims and twists violently, knocking Andraste off balance. He jumps to his feet and slugs Andraste in the jaw, sending her backwards. Evon enters the room just in time to see the punch but hangs back to see what Andraste does. Enraged, she springs behind the naked man and grabs his genitals, her sharp knife poised to sever his manhood.

“Stop stop stop stop stop stop,” the man pleads, freezing place.

“What’s your name?” Andraste asks acidly.

Rolf,” the man says, his eyes locked on the wickedly sharp edge just a hairs breadth from his skin.

“I’ll make a note of it. I never want to see you in here again.” Andraste nicks the man for good measure and he screams. She then leads the man, naked as the day he was born and bleeding from his genitals, to the door. With a final kick she forces him out into the street. Her kick was so hard, however, that he is flung across the narrow way and into a cart. His head makes a loud thud as it hits the cart post and Rolf falls to the ground unconcious.

Andraste re-enters the brothel to find Evon talking to a sobbing Star.

Tending to Star‘s relatively minor face wounds Evon politely asks her about the curious minstrl. Star says the minstrel’s name is long and difficult to pronounce, so she just calls him Zanex. Apparently he’s from Calimshan. She also mentions the man has some very strange tastes compared to most of her customers. Things like wanting lots of candles in the room and saying strange prayers in a foreign language. Star says the prayers, even though she doesn’t understand them, have a scary quality to them. When the man stays with her overnight she’s convinced the shadow move in the room unnaturally.

Andraste and Evon thank Star for her help and bids her farewell.

Meanwhile, Adrian goes to the Nentir Inn to find Elantris. Elantris shows him the note. Adrian shares his belief that the dead elf from the Lower Quays was Andraste’s contact.

Evon and Andraste enter the Nentir Inn while they’re talking, having heard from a passing guard that Captain Quinn was here. Adrian excuses himself to go take care of business. Sergeant Murgeddin, waiting at the door, leaves with him while the other 3 talk about recent events at the table.

Adrian is not out of sight of the inn when a guard approaches. Lord Markelhay wishes to see the 4 adventurers at the Moonstone Keep. Adrian sends Sergeant Murgeddin off to continue the elf’s murder investigation. He also sends the guard back to the inn to fetch Elantris, Andraste, and Evon.

The group converges on the keep where Lord Markelhay is in the courtyard with a group of people standing around. He beckons the 4 into the keep. He takes us to the study where mead is brought and the lord lets out an exasperated sigh. Dark circles are visible under his eyes and his unkempt appearance underscores his lack of sleep.

“I sent out 2 dispatches – 1 to determine the status of Dar Gremath and Reithann. The second to Winterhaven. I’ll start there. Winterhaven is in flames and the orcs have overtaken the city. Lord Pedraig and Valtrune are are making their way to Fallcrest with a contingent of men, women and children. Worse yet, orc shamans have taken the wizard’s library and have access to untold knowledge. The orcs are pursuing the caravan and will be upon Fallcrest not long after Lord Pedraig’s force.”

“I have received no sign of the Harkenwold nor have my Harper contacts responded.”

As we discuss Andraste quietly leaves the room.

Lord Markelhay asks Elantris to lead the defense of the city and take charge of the militia, such as it is. He awards Elantris with the city’s Sash of War.

Andraste returns with a physician to look at Lord Markelhay.

“If you would excuse us, I have some other things to attend to. However, Evon, can you stay for a few to speak privately?”

The others leave to attend their newfound responsibilities.

Lord Markelhay leads Evon up to his chambers. Lord Markelhay mentions that he had a dream about Evon. In the dream Evon was in the outer gates of Gardmore Abbey. Also in the dream he saw an intricate pattern of runes and symbols upon Evon’s skin. He asks if Evon has tattoo’s and Evon shows him his natural striations. “I have seen these in the my dreams. I also saw the city of Fallcrest in ruins.” The physician asks Evon to let Lord Markelhay retire. He prepares a tea and compress for the lord then scribbles a note and leaves. Evon watches quietly from the hallway and while he has misgivings about the physician nothing untoward seems to happen.

When Evon comes down from the lord’s chamber the chamberlain offers Evon a room and he decides he will stay at the keep.

Andraste and Adrian leave the keep and take a leisurely stroll to the Nentir Inn. On the way Andraste catches Adrian up on the events at the brothel and the naked man.

Elantris remains at the keep for a bit to draw up plans for the next day or so then leaves to prepare for his mysterious meeting at the Five-Arch Bridge. He heads to the Nentir Inn to hook up with Adrian. Just as Elantris enters a man runs in, “Help, a man has fallen into the river.” They rush out and Elantris jumps in to save the person. The figure has a noticeable wound on the head as Elantris tugs at the slight form. They rush towards the falls and tumble over but Elantris hangs on and pulls the person to the bank in the Lower Quays. In the increased light he sees now it’s a woman, not a man, and what’s more is he recognizes her as a servant from Lord Kamroth’s household. She recognizes him with her last breath and then expires. Elantris finds a key on her which he takes.

Adrian races through town to get down to the Lower Quays while Andraste stays up near the inn. As Andraste lingers the darskinned minstel, Zanex steps out and they chat cryptically a bit then he heads back inside to play. Andraste heads back to the Silver Unicorn Inn to sleep.

Adrian finds a guard to take care of the body then he and Elantris head back up to the Five-Arch Bridge. Adrian disguises himself as a beggar so he can remain near the bridge without drawing attention.

Midnight is close at hand as Elantris steps onto the bridge.

Alturiak – 29 – 1479 D.R. – midnight

Elantris stands in the middle of the bridge for quite a while but no one shows up. It’s clear that the incident earlier either involved the contact or scared the contact off.

When Andraste enters the Silver Unicorn Inn she is surprised to see Ninaran sitting by the fire. They make fake niceties for a few seconds but then the verbal daggers start flying. Ninaran pulls out an etching. Andraste recognizes it as hers. After a heated argument Ninaran leaves the inn. Andraste goes up to her room to sleep.

Adrian and Elantris also find beds for the night after leaving the bridge.

Alturiak – 29 – 1479 D.R. – morning

Adrian, who slept in his office, starts forming up groups in an effort to identify and keep an eye on “outsiders”. The goal is to attempt to verify stories of any people that no one seems to know and determine if there are any spies or other threats to the city. He also institutes a rule that no one is allowed to leave the city with the impending threats.

Elantris awakens in a room at the Nentir Inn and finds a rolled up parchment on his chest. Unrolling it he finds it to be a charcoal etching of the complete map of the Tyela Neuma. He has no idea how the parchment got there but there’s a short list of people that could and would do it – Andraste and Ninaran. Downstairs the innkeep confirms Ninaran was just there.

Elantris heads across the bridge into town and towards the Moonstone Keep. He learns Ninaran purchased a fast horse and left town. Elantris requisitions a horse to see if he can catch her. Just outside the city gates he finds her waiting. “I thought someone might follow me,” she says flatly.

“When you leave this…” Elantris holds up the etching.

“Leave them and come with me. The city is doomed and that etching is all you need.”

“You know I can’t do that,” Elantris states. She continues trying to convince him to go but he refuses. As a last bid effort she gives him her physical piece of the map but he remains steadfast.

“You will die here,” she says and heads off.

Meanwhile at the keep Evon is awoken by a scream. “Pa pa, pa pa.” Evon approaches Lord Markelhay’s chamber where his lifeless body lays on the bed. A quarter hour later Adrian arrives out of breath. Evon lets Adrian know that there may be something to investigate with the physician, who the chamberlain claims is Baron Stockmer’s personal physician. However, Evon does not recognize him from their time in The Harkenwold.

Andraste and Elantris arrive at the keep. The physician claims the lord was poisoned, probably by Idroot. He suggests everyone empty their satchels and be searched for Idroot that had contact with the lord in the last day. Adrian has everyone hold while he summons Baron Stockmer to verify the physician’s back story.

Baron Stockmer arrives with a young, strikingly handsome man – Vincent Gravelstoke. Introductions are made. Baron Stockmer confirms the physician’s story.

Evon talks to the chamberlain about who was around the time of poisoning, probably the previously morning based on information from Andraste. Lord Markelhay had a group breakfast with petitioners in the courtyard.

Lady Marklehay sternly requests that Adrian search the persons present, all of whom have had contact with the lord in the last day.

Adrian pulls the physician aside and gets his take on the poison. He describes the poison as yellow leaves.

Andraste tries to hide the Idroot she has. Vincent Gravelstoke pipes up, pointing at Andraste, “Captain Quinn, this one over here, she’s running her hands down the window, perhaps she’s trying to hide something?”

Adrian hushes him, “Hold it, we’ll get to her. We’re searching others at the moment.”

Elantris tries to distract by suggesting the elf Ninaran who left that morning but Lady Marklehay will have none of it. She wants everyone here to empty their pockets.

In a last ditch effort to find the answer without exposing Andraste, Evon suggests asking the Hand of Fate. He begins the ritual and then asks his first of three questions:

“Who here was most responsible for Lord Markelhay’s death?”

Possible follow up questions:
What person or person’s family should we focus our investigation on?
Who should be arrested for supplying or administering the poison?

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July 27, 2012

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