June 25, 2011

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A loud croak emanates from the other side of the waterfall. Andraste makes a loud croak of her own in an attempt to make those outside think everything is ok.

Apparently she was successful as the first bullywog hops over the waterfall and is surprised to see us. Behind him 2 more bullywogs accompanied by 2 huge hunting frogs appear. The first and largest bullywog charges Adranis.

We concentrate on the leader while they regain their wits.

One of the frogs grabs Elantris with its tongue and pulls him into its mouth. Adranis attacks the frog, killing it and freeing Elantris. Andraste finishes off the bullywog champion.

We kill the rest without much trouble. We remove valuables from the corpses then we carefully make our way out of the cave. Andraste notices a halfling in the brush outside. She readies her weapon and then realizes it’s a child.

The halfling speaks up, “Help me. The bullywogs took me captive.” He comes out of hiding and is obviously frightened.

Adranis asks, “Where are you from?”

The halfling says, “My name is Herrin from the Reedfoot clan. Can you take me home?” We agree to help the child return home, somewhere along the White River.

Herrin rattles on talking to Adranis as we travel up the river. Eventually we hear music and approach a group of halflings.

“Pa pa,” Herrin yells and goes running off. One of the halflings welcomes us. He explains they’ve been having trouble with the bullywogs and thanks us for bringing Herrin back to their camp.

We tell them about exterminating the bullywogs and they offer to help us with the problems in the Harkenwold. We board their river barges to travel back towards Tor’s Hold. We rest up on the barge as we all trade stories.

By evening we reach Tor’s Hold and put to shore. The inhabitants put on a minor celebration at the news of the success of the mission. Tor’s Hold pledges to help with Harkenwold now that their city and families are safe.

We get a good nights rest.

Hammer – 29 – 1479 D.R.

In the morning we decide to head down the river with the halflings to Albridge: us on our horses next to the river and the halflings on their barge. Andraste scouts ahead and enters town to see if any Iron Circle soldiers are around.

She visits Dar to get an update on events. Apparently a company of Iron Circle is at the tavern. Andraste comes back to the group and fills us in. We head into town to prepare an ambush at the tavern.

Elantris and Adranis flank the tavern door. Evon leads the Iron Circle horses off. Andraste goes into the tavern yelling of horse thieves.

The Iron Circle soldiers rush out the door. As the first 2 emerge Evon, Elantris, and Adranis attack them. Andraste dives out an open window to get outside the tavern. We slowly cut down soldiers as they come out but a couple of them circle around from the back and engage us. As they realize they’re outmatched 2 try to run but we chase them down and kill them.

We head back to meet Dar Gemmeth. He congratulates us on killing the scum but suggests we stay out of town for the night to see what the Iron Circle’s reaction is. He also suggests we hit a caravan the following day. He also mentions a strange, dark haired elven female skulking around at the outskirts of the area. We suspect it is Ninneron.

We ride out to the Druid’s Grove to check in with Raython. She invites us to rest at her grove along with sustenance. As we wind down over some mead, fruits, and small game Andraste uncharacteristically suggests we share information about our pasts. Intrigued, Elantris and Adranis suggest she start first.

Adraste states she is the sister of Ilsevele Miratar, daughter of the elf that closed the portals to the underworld and restorer of the realm. She is part of the Tirath Direem. She also claims Elantris’ uncle was involved in dark magics and shady intrigues. He had also been plundering ruins in the Cormanthyr forests.

Andraste and her band followed him but it was an ambush. Beerin, Elantris’ uncle killed Andraste’s lover and trapped her in the ruins. Despairing she awaited her own death but instead discovered a lich inhabited the ruins. The lich offered the life of her lover in exchange for a favor. She agreed and the lich ensured her escape from the ruins.

She was later ordered to kill Beerin which she did and recover any artifacts that could be found. She killed him gladly, covered it up, took his seal, and bided her time till she could find the artifacts. Soon after Elantris showed up in town. The Tirath Direem suspected Elantris may be involved somehow and assigned Andraste to follow him and, should he prove to be taking up where his uncle left off, kill him as well.

After joining our group to monitor our activities she became convinced Elantris (and the rest of us) had no knowledge of Beerin’s transgressions and were not connected in any way. She also mentions that Ninneron is probably part of the Gothada, a mercenary company of elves thought long disbanded, which are against the Tirath Direem – hence her following us.

Elantris sits stunned at all this information but can detect no hit of dishonesty in Andraste’s words.

“I must think of this before I react. Obviously these are shocking revelations if they prove true and disappointing at that,” Elantris finally says quietly.

To break the tension a bit, Adranis describes some of his past as well. He’s no idea who his father was. He entered the military early where he excelled at combat.

Eventually conversation dies down and we head off to rest for the night.

Hammer – 30 – 1479 D.R.

In the morning we partake of breakfast as we prepare for the days tasks. First item of business is to take out the supply caravan going into Harkenwold. We set up an ambush.

A large wagon rolls along with several Iron Circle soldiers following behind and one driving the wagon. Next to the driver is a shrouded figure in a red. In front of the wagon is a clockwork creature made of iron plates that looks like a large hound with glowing eyes – Evon’s past knowledge recognizes it as a humonculous, a creature typically associated with wizards. As they pass by we jump out and engage them as they are surprised.

Evon pulls out the power of Bahamut to take out several of the guards and injure the shrouded one. We make short work of all the enemies.

In the cart is a lockbox. On the adept is a key. Inside the box is quite a bit of gold, a potion of healing, and a pair of magical reading spectacles. Andraste’s eyes light up at the glasses as she recognizes their function: they allow the wearer to read any language. We agree she should get them.

After another discussion we decide to take the cart, horse, and other supplies back to Dardune – it’s possible those supplies were looted from that city and we need to find out if there are more Iron Circle members holed up.

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June 25, 2011

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