March 30, 2012

Alturiak – 22 – 1479 D.R. (con’t) – Main Page

Elantris notices a funny looking section of wall. Andraste investigates and finds a secret passage. A short hallways exits into a massive multilevel room. The room has carvings of eyes covering the walls and a statue of toad like creature stands before us. Changes cover the central floor. A large wolf lays on the floor and a hobglin is oiling the chains.

Andraste sneaks up and slices at the goblin but the dire wolf pounces on her. Adranis comes out of nowhere and in what looks like a graceful dance move switches places with Andraste. Elantris leads the charge and gravely wound the wolf. Evon finishes off both the wolf and the hobgoblin with a pillar of holy fire.

The statue of the deity of Torog, “the king that crawls.” Somewhere deep in the underdark his followers worship him. The room appears to be a prison. After a thorough search of the area Andraste uncovers several gems but nothing else of value. Several of us coordinate our strength to tip over and destroy the statue. We also desecrate a few holy symbols around the room.

Evon notices a strange wall which turns out to be another secret passage. Andraste finds and disarms a trap on it, then stealths through. She emerges into what appears to be a storage area. Tall barrels are stacked up around the walls and she can hear voices in the distance. Around the corner is a kitchen and mess hall type area as well. A large cooking fire burns along one wall with pots over it. Andraste sees 7 enemies and comes back to warn us.

Elantris has an engenious plan – he gathers torches and rags and goes around to the main door of the mess hall and lights in on fire. When we hear a commotion in the room we rush in and attack them.

Adranis bull rushes 2 spear throwers in the back and pushes them – the back goblin is pushed in the fire pit and starts screaming as boiling soup pours over him. Elantris moves up and thrusts his spear at the goblin but misses. Andraste jumps up on the pile of wood and slices at the goblin. Evon moves forward and unleashes the wrath of Bahamut onto the goblins and humans in the main room. First a loud crack followed by a thick fog drops all of the humanoids to there knees. Evon follows up with a burst of holy ire which kills all but one of the creatures. Andraste, Elantris and Adranis finish off the 2 goblins in back.

Evon calls out the last human, “Surrendor to Bahamut’s will and you may yet live.”

“Never, blood reavers do not surrender,” we hear back from the smoke shrouded area.

“Have it your way,” Evon states and blasts more holy energy into the area dropping the last human. The smoke dissipates and we search the room. It appears the goblins had been gambling as the tables are strewn with coins and other small valuables.

The last room appears to be a water supply area for the keep. We replenish our supplies from the storeroom.

Elantris decides to leave a “message” to the blood reavers by chopping off their heads and piling their outside the main entrance. Andraste works on setting some traps. Evon and Adranis shatters the pillars in the prison area and collapse the roof.

Finally we take our leave and head back towards the Seven Pillared Hall and the Half Moon Inn. Rendil’s aunt puts us up for the night in rooms and brings us food. We avail ourselves of the bathing facilities and then retire to the common room. Rendil shows up a bit later and we tell him of the events at the blood reaver keep. We show him the note.

Rendil tells us of a Duergar trade house in town that we might find clues at. There’s a rumored stronghold in the labyrinth of theirs as well. He points out an older human, “That’s Turlin Darkseeker, the labyrinth guide I told you about.” He toasts us and bids farewell.

Elantris quietly approaches Turlin and asks to speak to him privately. He comes up to the room where the rest of us have gone. We make introductions and Turlin lets us know the labyrinth is dangerous and he isn’t cheap, we acknowledge this. We ask him if he knows where the Deurgar Mirklemoor Grimmerzul. He agrees to get us close, if we have the coin, but wants no part in our plan. We settle on 300 gold – 100 up front, 100 on departure, and 100 on arrival. We give him 100 coins and plan to depart in the morning.

We head to bed.

Alturiak – 23 – 1479 D.R.

We get downstairs for breakfast and Turlin is already there – drunk. We have misgivings but we eat breakfast. We head out, Turlin guiding us through very windy twisty passages. By evening we near where he says we’re going. Without Turlin there is no way we would have made it through this maze. We did take crude maps along the way in hopes of getting back.

The path winds along the edge of a deep chasm for several hundred feed. Rounding a corner 2 bastions linked by walkways are off the side leading up to a keep. A portcullis bars the entrance with some orcs behind it.

“This is it,” Turlin says. “Pay up and I’ll be on my way.” We give him the rest of the money and he gives us a terse wish for luck then disappears back the way we came.

We hatch a plan – Elantris uses the hat of diguises to become one of the human blood reavers and approach the gate. Andraste is stealthed near him. As he approaches one of the orcs bangs on the gate and speaks orc. Elantris holds up one of the fake “key” (map) pieces and claims to have them for sale. The orcs appear to be sending a message to Mirklemoor. A little while later an impressive looking Duergar with a retinue comes into the gate area.

“So human, you’ve brought something sacred to the Svirfneblin. Let me see them.” Elantris holds the fake pieces up and Mirklemoor asks, “Where did you get these?”

“Our patrol came across a group of them bringing these to pay ransom for their elders. We killed them and took.”

“Ha ha ha. Nice. So we keep Svirfneblin and sacred relics, this good deal. Give me relics and take message back to blood reavers.”

“Whats the message?”

“Give me pieces,” the captain demands.

“I only have 1 piece, the rest are back at the blood reaver compound. We want to renegotiate our deal.”

The captain is mad, but then says, “How much?”


The captain growls more but thinks. “We’ll give you slaves for pieces.”

“No, we just sold you slaves, we don’t want them back.”

Mirklemoor grunts and thinks. “Fine, we give you agreed upon price, 2000 gold, and slaves. The Wizard will agree to this, I can convince him, it’s good trade.”

Elantris makes a show of thinking. “Deal.”

“We’ll bring gold and slaves to bloodreaver place in 6 hours.” Mirklemoor and his contingent head out.

Evon manages, somehow, to get the group back to the bloodreaver keep. We clean up part of the mess we made before and plan how to receive the Duergard and orc group.

Mirklemoor’s group comes into the receiving cavern and Elantris (disguised still) is up on the balcony. Mirklemoor is not with them. “Crand awaits you inside, please drop the slaves of in Torog’s temple. The group heads into the keep with the slaves in toe.

We ambush them in the main corridor. Unfortunately the chained Svirfneblin are in the way and only Elantris and Adranis can attach the main Duergar group. Andraste works on the slave guard in the read and Evon uses his holy powers from afar to widdle down the Duergar.

We finally kill the group and get the Svirfneblin out of harms way. We get the elders unshackled. We give them food and drink and tell them of some of the current events. They’re tired but we don’t want to stay here at the stronghold. We head back towards the Seven Pillared Hall but we stop way outside of town. Adranis goes in to get our horses and buy a cart.

Adranis gets the cart and also trades the magic scimitar and the belt of sacrifice for the starlight goggles. He brings the cart back to us and we hide the Svirfneblin in back. Going through town Rendil spots us and warns us that we’ve created quite a stir. We head out.

We exit the minotaur gate. It’s a slow difficult trip back to Fallcrest. Snow has fallen while we were underground making the road down the mountain treacherous. We reach the vale and get a bit before we have to make camp.

With not being well provisioned for the cold we have to make a fire so we find an outcropping to help hide it. We set watch for the night.

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March 30, 2012

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