May 13, 2011

Hammer – 27 – 1479 D.R. (con’t) – Main Page

We sneak up on the farmstead to try to surprise the brigands but Elantris bumps a stone bringing the attention of the bandits to us. “Move on,” one of the men says, “this is Iron Circle business.” We attack.

Adranis scampers up one of the outbuildings and starts pelting the bandits with arrows. Curiously the bandits are wielding scimitars, something uncommon in this area. While the battle lasts for a while we eventually kill all but one of the bandits which we capture for questioning.

A half elf woman opens the door to the farmstead after hearing the sounds of battle fade. Two youths follow her out. She thanks us for intervening. “My name is Illyana,” she introduces herself. She tells us the Iron Circle has Baron Stockmer captive in his keep and they arrived over a month before. She claims there are over a hundred of the invaders but a rebellion is quietly brewing. She recommends going to Albridge, an outlying area of Harken, where we should be able to meet up with other freedom fighters. “Seek the Druid Grove and talk to Raithon the Druid and Dar Gremmeth at the Stables in Albridge.”

We examine the dead Iron Circle members and take their cloak, an obvious symbol of their membership. We bid farewell to Illyana and take our prisoner off. Mounting up Elantris ties the prisoner over his horse.

About 40 minutes later we come in sight of the Druid Grove. An old human woman stands at the edge of the grove as though she has been expecting us. Behind her we see her 2 young apprentices standing in the trees. She’s clad in a brown robe and grips a long wooden staff.

“Well met Eledrin,” she says to the elves in our party. “May I inquire as to your nature?” she asks of Evon. Evon introduces himself and they clasp in greeting. We ask her about the Iron Circle and why they are here.

“They are being led by one called Nazine Redthorn. A vile, greedy human. They came from the south apparently to subjugate the Harkenwold,” she tells us. She confirms that many wish to rise up but Tor’s Hold has been invaded by Bullywogs from Toadhollow caverns which are keeping many of the peoples of Harkenwold busy. She suggests that if the Bullywogs were destroyed the people could be united against the Iron Circle.

We leave the prisoner with the druid for questioning and head on to Albridge to meet Dar Gremmeth. Our plan is to start them making preparations for attacking the Iron Circle then head to Tor’s Hold to deal with the Bullywogs.

It’s mid afternoon when we catch sight of Aldridge in the distance. Andraste dismounts, hands Evon her horse, and then heads for town alone. She uses her stealthy skills to avoid the guards and then finds the stables where Dar Gemmeth was said to be. She enters the back door. Several horses are in the fairly large structure. A broad shouldered man is ordering around some stable hands.

Andraste clears her throat and startles Dar Gemmeth, “Oho, didn’t see you there lass. And an elf no less.”

Andraste introduces herself and tells him of our band. He tells her have us come in to meet with him and that it should be safe. Andraste comes back and tells us to come in to town. We ride in and enter the front of the stables. Dar Gemmeth is there to greet us and closes the stable gates behind us.

The stable hands take the horses and get them fed. Introductions are done. He tells us more about the Iron Circle and confirms the need to free up the peoples of Tor’s Hold before we attempt to attack the Iron Circle.

We ride off towards Tor’s Hold. It’s well into the evening when we arrive at this scattered collection of homesteads. We’re met by some burly townsfolk who have seen us ride up and challenge our presence. After they establish we’re not Iron Circle or other brigands they greet us warmly.

They tell us of their troubles with the Bollywogs and that the “croakers” attack mostly in cover of darkness though have attached during the day. They also agree that if we can eliminate the Bollywogs they’ll join us in ousting the Iron Circle from Harken. We arrange to leave our horses in town and get rest for the night before heading out to battle.

Overnight Evon has a dream – Evon Dream 1

Hammer – 28 – 1479 D.R.

We have breakfast with the villagers then head out. Donning the Iron Circle cloaks we hope to uncover if there is any link between the Bollywogs and the Iron Circle or turn them against the Iron Circle. It takes a couple hours to march to the caverns where we’ve been told they inhabit.

The cavern is much different than we imagined it might be. It’s easily 10 feet up with water gushing out the mouth creating a waterfall into the surrounding marsh. As we attempt to the scale the wall up to the cave entrance we know we’re making way too much noise. This is confirmed when we crest the ledge and find 2 creatures waiting for us.

Evon notices some flying creatures in a watery part of the cave but they seem to just look on as we attack the 2 bullywogs. As we’re fighting a couple larger bullywogs show up. The stirges (flying bats) join the fray as well.

Evon calls forth the power of Bahamut and decimates all but one of the stirges. We kill the last stirge and press onward into the cave.

As we round a corner a 15’ high cavern with a large dragon skull in the center spans out before us. A small watering hole on the other side of the skull has water dripping from the ceiling above. The glow of eyes emanates from the skull – a large bullywog growls and sends a javelin flying at Adranis. Other bollywogs come into view from the far side.

We engage the bullywogs. More and more come out of the corners. Some grey oozes also come from the shadows. The grey oozes attack Andraste and she falls to the ground unable to fight from her injuries.

The bollywog leader hits Elantris and he goes down. Adranis steps forward and stabilizes our two wounded comrades. They teleport away from the combat to heal.

Evon calls for the power of Bahamut once again to clear all of the weaker bollywogs and immobilizes the leader for a short period. The oozes continue to harass us. We subdue the bollywog leader who surrenders and finish off the oozes.

Glurp, the leader, takes us to some promised treasure – a chest buried in a pile of skulls. Among other sundries are 2 very nice sets of magical chainmail. Elantris takes the Elidrin chain mail and Evon takes the White Flame chain mail armor. We don the new armor.

“Let Glurp go? No hurt more humans?” the bollywog says in broken common.

“You won’t hurt any more humans,” Evon states matter of factly and turns Glurp into a charred mass of flesh.

As we’re searching the rest of the cave we hear the noises of more bollywogs outside the cavern.

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May 13, 2011

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