November 11, 2011

Alturiak – 13 – 1479 D.R. (con’t) – Main Page

Evon heads to the House of the Sun to catch up with Grundlemar. Adranis tags along.

Andraste heads out on “personal business”. She goes alone to a secret location to contact her guild. She notices that Elantris is following her so she ducks into an alley. Elantris sees her, though, and suspects he’s been made. In an attempt to cover up his following of her he instead crosses the street and enters a trading post. He talks with the proprietor about buying the used equipment and items we’ve been accumulating.

Andraste, having shaken Elantris, continues on. Her message box has 1 message inside: “We need to talk. I’ll be in Fallcrest in 2 weeks.” She also checks her secret box – it seems untouched and she retrieves it. She heads to the House of the Sun as well.

Elantris eventually arrives at the House of the Sun and finds the rest of us in Grundlemars chambers conversing around a fire.

Grundlemar tells us about the parchement we left with him. His cousin in Hammerfast said it appears to have a diving lock enspelled on it. As they did their divinations it revealed that underneath the divine lock is an arcane lock. A wizard of some skill will likely need to unravel this contraption. He gives Evon the scrolls back.

Grundlemar tells us of a council member that was murdered in our absense. He wasn’t well liked but still. Rumors had it vampires were responsible.

Evon asks about any books in the temple which might reference the spell plague – Grundlemar leaves for a few minutes and returns with a couple thick tomes. “Heres some light reading,” he jokes. The tomes are in Dwarven.

Everyone but Elantris heads out to the Azaire House to sell our surprus items.

Elantris stays behind to talk to Grundlemar alone. They have a conversation.

At Azaire House we conclude the sale – a tidy sum of 583G which we plan to divy up.

Adranis takes his cut and heads off by himself. As he wanders around he finds out the Gravelstokes have returned – trade monopolizers that have been absent since the spell plague and the bloodspear war.

Andraste and Evan head back to the House of the Sun where Evon gives Grundlemar 100G. Elantris is not their… he left easily a half hour before.

We all meet up at the Nentir Inn. Adranis pulls Andraste aside and asks her to help him gather information about the Gravelstokes.

Mergeddon comes in and cheers go up. He greets us and thanks us for coming. He toasts to our success.

We start talking gossip as we drink with him. He’s not fond of the Gravelstokes – they beat up a couple of the guards but there’s not way to prove it. He also says there’s been some bloodless cattle found, just like the body of that council member.

As the night wears on Elantris gives leave – he has to head up to his estate. Evon goes with him just in case. They grab their horses and head out.

Adranis grills Mergeddon on the Gravelstokes activities and locations. A unexpected voice chimes in, “If you’re talking about the Gravelstokes, perhaps I could join in.” Nineron takes off her hood and sits down. “You might want to go visit their Coster compound before the walls are complete. They’re growing some interesting things in their garden.”

Nineron leans in close to Andraste and in Elvin says, “Where is Bieron’s box?” This riles Andraste.

After a few more exchanges Nineron heads off.

Andraste and Adranis leave to head back to the Silver Unicorn. Adranis knows Andraste is going to go the Gravelstoke compound and convinces Andraste to let him go with her, just as backup. They head down towards the compound. A thunderstorm starts. Adranis promises to stay at least a street away but within hearing distance of a commotion. Andraste says she’s just going to scout it out, not go in. They both lied.

Andraste sneaks into the compound. Adranis works closer so he can see the compound.

Andraste gets to the garden – it’s surrounded by a low wire fence which she steps over easily. Her eyes widen – they are growing some very interesting things, including ungal root and id root. She harvests both of these. Other plants she doesn’t recognize but are probably equally valuable. Not knowing how to harvest those she destroys them. Unfortunately one of them is a mandrake root and it makes a noise at it’s pulled from the ground.

“Who goes there?” a voice says, hearing the noise. Andraste stealithy but quickly leaves, avoiding the guards. She meets up with Adranis and they head back north. Since the roots need to be prepared soon and in a private area they get their horses and head towards the estate.
Evan and Elantris, from within the estate hear horses outside. Elantris motions to Evon to be ready for trouble while he grabs a crossbow and heads outside. Two cloaked figures on horses are coming up the cart path.

“Show yourselves,” Elantris calls. Andraste takes down her hood so Elantris can easily identify her. He motions them to the stables. And then into the warm, dry house.

Andraste tells of Nineron crashing their conversation at the inn after we left. She also tells of their soujourn into the Gravelstoke compound and the garden of rare roots and plants. Andraste heads out to make her poisons.

Elantris and Adranis go to ged. Evon notices some books in the hearth room. One in particular catches Evon’s eye so he gets it down to read.

[Insert info from Donovan here]

Of particular note was paladins of Bahamut dwelled in Gardmore Abbey. They went on a crusade to retreive a dark relic. When they retrieved the artifact and brought it back to the Abbey things changed. A darkness consumed the abbey and surrounding area. Now it is but a ruin and rumors of the spirits of the paladins haunting the grounds persist to this day. Catacombs below the abbey may contain the wealth and artifacts of the paladinds of Bahamut which once ruled the Gardmore Downs.

While Adranis and Evon are alone Adranis confides in Evon that there is more to the Andraste/Nineron situation than we know and to be careful and watchful.

Alturiak – 14 – 1479 D.R.

Elantris gets up early and heads out to meet Grundlemar. He leads Grundlemar to the tomb in the hopes that he can divine if they had any involvement with the shadowfell. They enter the tomb and Grundlemar asks, “Are you sure you want to do this? You may find things you don’t want to know.” “I’m sure,” says Elantris, “I need to know.”

Grundlemar opens the crypt where the decomposing body of Elantris’ uncle. “See those bones,” he says, “they’re black – signs of dealing with the shadow realm.” He performs a ritual and touches a dagger to a bone. A flash of light and Grundlebar jumps back. “There is a strong shadow force, I dare not probe more or we might awaken unpleasant things. Your uncle was involved in dark dealings, that is for sure.”

They check his aunts crypt and the difference is night and day – her bones look normal, right.
“Your uncles body must be destroyed but your aunt can remain.”

“Of course,” Elantris agrees. They build a bondfire and destroy the tainted carcus in a remote area, away from the manor house. Afterwards Grundlemar bids his goodbye and heads back to town. Elantris returns to the manor.

The rest of us get up and have breakfast. Elantris shows up with a sack of goods for the manor but says nothing.

We all head to town but with different destinations.

Evon goes to the House of the Sun to read the books Grundlemar had pulled.

Evon gleams more info from the tomes. In 1385 when the spell plague broke out as a direct result of the goddess Mystra. Her death released wild magic from the weave which wrecked havok across the planes. Other gods were destroyed or there power so depleted as to rob them godly status. Gods that had moved on, including Bahamut, turned thair gaze back on the Forgotten Realms. In Faerun whole continents were altered or destroyed. New continents appeared. Planes shifted and merged bringing races never heard of to the world. Spell scarred beings are scattered around the lands.

The books allude to Cyrik, the mad god, causing Mystra’s death. Notes from historians claim Shar, the goddess of shadow, and others may have helped. The panthion of gods used their power to exile Cyrik to a sealed off plane but were not able to actually destroy him. It is speculated in the tomes that Mystra was distracted, perhaps by a powerful evil wizard named Harpsbane giving Cyrik his opening.

Elantris searches for Nineron. He starts at the Nentir Inn. After buttering up the innkeep for her room location he heads up and knocks on her door. “Who is it?” a voice comes from inside. Elantris asks to speak with her and she reluctantly unbolts her door, offering to meet him downstairs in a few minutes.

Nineron comes down and meets Elantris for breakfast. Her demeanor as cold as ever, “What brings you to my door?” Elantris tells her of his knowledge about Andraste’s house and profession, as well as killing his uncle. For the first time Elantris sees surprise on Nineron’s face. “She told you, that is unexpected. Perhaps I’ll have another drink.” They banter about Nineron’s role in all this but she remains vague. After bantering back and forth Nineron reveals the box Andraste has carries a piece of a key of Tialinuma. Ages ago there was an elvin wizard who created a key to open anything, a magical “skeleton key”. It was broken up into pieces, at least 4, and this may be the last piece Nineron’s organization seeks. Nineron says they will pay handsomly for the box’s contents (which are his right by inheritance) if he should acquire it.

Andraste goes the House of Whores (next to the Nentir Inn). She’s investigating the councilman’s death as well as gossip about Nineron.

Adranis does some snooping around town for information about the Gravelstokes. Noone seems to like them but since they haven’t broken any laws noone can stop their bullying.

Andraste heads to the guardhouse to see if she can talk to the guard that removed the councilman’s body. Turns out the guard in question is out of town. Adranis bumps into Andraste near the guardhouse. They exchange stories about the info they’ve gathered.

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November 11, 2011

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