October 14, 2011

Alturiak – 9 – 1479 D.R. (con’t) – Main Page

Andraste sneaks up the hidden passage to scout. When she peeks into the baron’s suite she sees the largest woman she has ever seen: muscled, in full armor, and on alert. She stands near a robed figure discussing the security of the keep. She sneaks back down and tells us of them. We decide to try to pull ones from the upstairs hall down the main stairs.

She sneaks up the main stairs but trips on a mop. Some hobgoblins see her and think she is the adept from the basement. “What are you doing up here?” it asks. Andrastre is addled from her fall and freezes. Instead of telling them invaders have taken the basement and she needs help, she starts a nice pleasant conversation with them.

“Everything is ok, just checking to see how it goes up here.” The hobgoblins are suspicious but Andraste does a good job of bluffing and heads back downstairs. At the bottom we devise a new plan. Adranis and her pretend to fight as she calls up the stairs, “Intrude, come help.” Elantris and Evon are hiding behind the doors so the hobgoblins think there is only 1 person to fight – 2 of them come down the stairs and we surprise them.

While we’re fighting the robed person from upstairs appears at the secret passage door and starts trying to clear the table and chairs we piled up there. Andraste and Elantris head to intercept the wizard but a shout comes from within the secret passage, “Out of my way” and Tyranda shoves past then shatters the chairs and jumps on the table.

Adranis shifts his attack to Tyranda but trips on the wood shards.

Evon finishes off 2 of the hobglins then calling upon pent up reserves takes out the robed caster.

We slowly widdle Tyranda and the last hobgoblin down but the hobgoblin runs Andraste through and she crumples to the ground.

Sounds of battle come from the courtyard… the cavalry has arrived though not in time to change the outcome of our battle with Tyranda.

Elantris deals the finishing blow to Tyranda and the hobgoblin flees – Evon kills it with a final divine bolt.

We reanble the drawbridge and escort the Baron out to see a physician. Adranis carries Andraste’s body out in the hopes that Raython has ideas or even the power to bring her back.
Raython meets us and beckons us to set her down. Raython says some words of power over the corpse but nothing happens. She turns to the woodsinger elves, “She is beyond my powers, is there anything your people can do?”

The woodsingers take Andraste to their camp and Adranis follows. The militia start cleaning out the bodies of the Iron Circle. Servants and others help the baron back to his bed to be attended. We help re-secure the castle.

When the woodsingers arrive at camp the leader, Eyirel, knows something bad has happened. He tells Adranis that he will need all of our group to even have a chance at bringing Andraste back. Adranis rushes back to the keep to get Elantris and Evon. We all head back to the camp where Eyirel performs a ritual to beseech the gods for her return.

Andraste’s body spasms and there is a sharp intake of breath as life returns to her body. She is taken to another tent to rest and recover from her ordeal. We are bid to leave and rest ourselves – Andraste’s ordeal is not over apparently but if she makes it till morning she should recover fully.

The elves bid us farewell and head back to the woods, their debt repaid.

While Adranis and Evon watch over Andraste, Elantris heads back to the main camp to catch up with Dar Gremmeth, Raython, and the other leaders. When Elantris gets there a celebration is already underway. Dar hands Elantris a pint of ale. Some rowdiness ensues. Elantris returns to the tent and stumbles to sleep.

Alturiak – 10 – 1479 D.R.

Near dawn Adranis hears a single armored person approaching. Bram Torson comes around the corner and makes greetings. He tells that the baron is awake and we’re invited to visit him. He also bears some bread for breakfast.

Evon steps outside after getting his armor on then Adranis steps inside to wake Andraste and give her breakfast. She seems to have made it. Andraste gets dressed and we go visit the baron in his suite. He thanks us profusely. He tells the tale of how the Iron Circle moved quickly and took advantage of the baron’s hospitality. He believes the Iron Circle is based in the south and has spies everywhere. He also suspects there is a traitor in Winterhaven. The spy they briefly captured had some missives for a “Lord Venik”, possibly the leader of the Iron Circle or at least someone above Nazeen.

The baron also beckons a chamberlain to bring forth a chest. Inside he says is gold to aid us in our journeys and as thanks for our assistance in freeing the Harkenwold. Also in the chest are 2 magic items, 1 goes to Andraste and the other to Elantris. Finally he asks that we take a message to Lord Markelhay.

Adranis takes Andraste to a room to sleep then heads to help with other tasks around the keep. Elantris goes to find Dar Gremmeth to see how he fares from the previous night.

Evon goes out into the fields to commune with the gods, something he feels he’s had little time to do since coming to this world. The breeze blows through the fields of wheat and a serene feeling settles over him. Evon hears a voice, “Evon,” a figure materializes. A man of late years adorned in silver mail with an ethereal presence. Evon does not perceive a threat. “Do you know me?” Evon replies he does not remember, but his memory remains cloudy since his last resurrection. “Yes, this world is filled with chaos and has interfered with your memory. You were chosen, as were your companions, for a purpose, a purpose you must find. Seek out evil and the source of the cataclysm that has befallen Faerun. In doing so you will find that purpose. Bahamut’s will is bent towards vengeance as evil threatens to tip over the balance of the universe. You may be called upon to take actions that might be considered ‘beneath’ us in these troubled times. But these times call for uncommon measures.”

A horse approaches from behind and Evon turns to greet a ride. “Raython requests your presence, m’lord,” he states.

“Very well, I will be there shortly.” The rider heads off and when Evon turns back around the mailed man is gone. Evon heads towards Raython’s camp, contemplating the man’s words and his encounter with a god.

Elantris finds Dar Gremmeth in the pens, face down covered in pig shit. A dead pig lies nearby. Elantrais wakes him and Dar is confused and bardry for a few moments until he realizes where he is. Dar heads to clean up.

About mid day Andraste wakes up and is hungry. She goes to find food and her companions. Adranis is out helping the militia set up good scouting and defensive practices.

Evon arrives at Raython’s pavilion. Raython greets him. She says she found something, quite by random, that Evon might be interesting. She holds up a platinum chain with a finely crafted platinum dragon pendent. Evon decides to don it. A rush of emotion befalls Evon and memories sit right outside his consciousness. She invites Evon to speak on behalf of Bahamut at the feat being planned that night.

Andraste finds Adranis and they talk about what Elantris thinks of her. They walk together to the feast, arm in arm.

As our group converges on the feast it’s already well started. The whole of the Harkenwold is assembled. A few woodsingers have joined in as well. Even the baron, as weak as he is, is in attendance. He stands up and toasts the victory. Dar Gremmeth also toasts the victory. Finally Evon is called upon to speak.

“I come to you at the will of Behamut and tell you all of success.
To laugh often and much; To win the respect of others
and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of your nay sayers
and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty;
To find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by
a healthy child, a garden patch or the defense of a friend or loved one;
To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived;
This is to have succeeded.
And succeeded you have. Through teamwork and brotherhood each of you has vanquished the Iron Circle. Now take these lessons to heart. Be vigilant for evil is always looking for a week spot in your armor. But tonight, celebrate your victory and remember those who gave their lives for this renewed freedom. You are all heroes in your own right.”

Everyone raises their mug.

Dancing commences. The baron asks for the first dance with Andraste. Evon has the sense he has danced in his previous incarnations.

As things die down we disperse. Adranis and a warrior woman, Margo, go off into the night. Only Evon sees this however as the others have left already.

Alturiak – 11 – 1479 D.R.

We eat breakfast and say our goodbyes. Collecting our horses we set out for Fallcrest. We travel uneventfully for the next 2 days.

Alturiak – 13 – 1479 D.R.

It’s early afternoon as we come to the outskirts of Fallcrest.

We approach the Eastern gate, the Wizard’s Gate, and are hailed by the guard. He directs us to Lord Marklehay to tell of the success in the Harkenwold as well as to deliver the letter from Baron Stockmer.

We arrive at Moonstone Keep where the chamberlain greets us. He directs a stable boy to take our horses and leads us into the manor. “Wait here while I tell the lord of your presence.”

A short time later Lord Marklehay joins us. He congratulates us on freeing Baron Stockmer and defeating the Iron Circle garrisoned there. We discuss the potential of a spy within the walls of Fallcrest, Winterhaven, or both. Perhaps this Nineron elf may be involved some how? Lord Camroth also petitioned the lord for a claim against Elantris’ uncle’s estate. Evon asks about access to any literary resources about the spell plague. The lord says he will see what can be arranged. He takes his leave and we head out into town.

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October 14, 2011

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