September 21, 2012

Alturiak – 29 – 1479 D.R. – Main Page

Alturiak 29th (con’t)

The blue hand slowly moves to point at the physician. “I tried to save him, I swear!” the physician says indignantly.

“Hold on, sir,” Evon cautions. “We have more questions.”

“What person or person’s family should we focus our investigation on?” Evon asks. Just then Nimrozan bursts into the room exclaiming, “This bacon is not done correctly, I demand it to be corrected.”

Meanwhile the blue hands points to Lady Markelhay. “This is outrageous, this magic is corrupted,” she exclaims. “Let me propose the last question then.”

“Very well,” Evon agrees with nods from his compatriots. The lady proposes:
“Who should we arrest for the poisoning of my husband?”

The hand points to Vincent Gravelstoke. “Don’t touch my Vincent… I mean Lord Gravelstoke.” Realizing her mistake and it’s now obvious to all that she is complicit. She raises her hand cast a spell but Nimrozan mutters and incantation first and Lady Markelhay’s hands become bound, her mouth sealed. Adrian grabs her while Elantris moves to cut off Vincent Gravelstoke from leaving. Evon takes the physician into custody.

“I’ve been waiting all week to shut her up,” Nimrozan says. “By the way, there are some tomes in Lady Markelhay’s stash you all should see, but we can do that after breakfast,” and he wanders off muttering about finding food.

All 3 of the prisoners are taken discretely down to the stockade. Adrian arranges to have the 3 current residents of the stockade moved to the guardhouse so they don’t see or overhear anything. Elantris takes the physician into a separate room to torture him for information. Andraste goes with him.

Evon stays at the stockade to keep an eye on the prisoners.

After a short time the physician admits his cousin was in debt to the Iron Circle. To get him out of debt the physician laid the ground work for the Iron Circle to infiltrate and take over the Harkenwold. After our band pushed the Iron Circle out they came back in force and demanded more of me, to get rid of Lord Markelhay. They left him a satchel with a unique red ribbon which had the Idroot in it. He administered it to the lord. Andraste goes to find this satchel which he claims to have thrown out with the waste.

Adrian goes to find Nimrozan and help him find food but in reality is trying to get information from him.

Andraste searches the dung heaps and finds the satchel. She cleans it off as best she can and goes to find the chamberlain, to see if he has ever seen the bag or the ornate ribbon. The chamberlain comments on the smell but says he has never seen it’s like before. She asks him to come down to answer more questions. They head down.

Nimrozan continues to complain about the bacon. “In my tower I have a brimstone fire pit that cooks bacon just right, these place is horrible.” Adrian offers to take him there. On the way he babbles about Lady Markelhay studying shadow magic and other evils.

When Andraste and the chamberlain arrive at the questioning room the screams are still going on. Elantris comes to the door and takes the physician down to Evon to secure. He returns to the room where the nervous chamberlain awaits. They question him again about the bag. He maintains his ignorance but does provide information that Vincent Gravelstoke and Lord Kamroth have been lovers of Lady Markelhay and that both had some way to get into the grounds without the guards noticing. He also mentions that Lord Kamroth often takes breakfast in the guest waiting room (where the bag was left) and did so just the previous morning. Lord Zander was in there having breakfast with the Lord Markelhay the day before. After some more questions they release him back to his duties.

Andraste and Elantris concoct a way to create fake idroot. Andraste goes to find the ingredients, frog’s tongue, urine, and a few other unpleasant items.

Adrian and Nimrozan arrive at the Septarch’s Tower. Nimrozan is distraught at the lack of upkeep on the Septarch’s Tower. He goes to open the wooden door and gets zapped. “I believe a powerful wizard has ensorcelled this,” he states, and tries to retrace his steps.

Elantris heads to the private library thinking to meet other there but it’s deserted. He searches the place and finds some love letters from Vincent Gravelstoke. He also finds books on shadow magic. One of the books is inscribed to the lady from Elantris’ uncle. He also finds a book that doesn’t move. Suspecting a secret door or a trap he leaves it alone and goes to find Andraste.

At the Septarch’s Tower, Nimrozan chants and opens the door with magic. Stale air and dust wafts out. The interior looks much larger than what would fit in the Septarch’s Tower. Nimrozan looks inside and states, “Ah, more traps. I don’t think I’m going to get my bacon cooked.” He relocks the door and they head back towards the keep.

Fairly soon all four adventurers meet up in the stockades and trade stories of what they’ve learned. They decide to see if one of the town priests/priestesses can raise dead. If not, one of us could use the hat of disguise to assume Lord Markelhays identity. Adrian sends runners off to summon the priests. He then assumes guard duty in the stockade while the other 3 go back to the private library.

Evon finds an interesting book which he grabs for later reading: “Deities in Decline”. Andraste pulls the trick book which opens a floor panel. A ladder goes down ending at a landing with a slender tunnel leading off. Following the tunnel they come out at the embankment that leads up to the Moonstone Keep. The entrance is well hidden.

They return to the library and disable the mechanism that opens the secret floor panel. The group then talks to Baron Stockmer to tell him a little about what is going and ask him to keep things under wraps as a conspiracy is afoot.

Grundelmar and the High Priestess Dirina arrive at the keep. Grundelmar says he can perform the ritual and will return with the components within the hour. A few guards go with him to ensure a safe return.

Around noon the ritual is ready. The lord’s body is taken to the roof of the Moonstone Keep and the ritual is perform. Lord Markelhay returns to life. Grundelmar is exhausted and Dirina says a prayer over him. They depart with the Lord’s heartfelt thanks.

Elantris fills the lord in on the details around his death and the conspiracy. They retire to the keep. He looks at the bag and recognition dawn – that ribbon is used by the Gravelstokes. He reads the love letters and reviews the shadow magic books. He wants both the physician and Vincent Gravelstoke hanged before the day is out.

Lord Markelhay has his wife taken into the interrogation room, alone. When he removes her hood she looks at him with wide saucer eyes. After several minutes he comes out and summons Nimrozan to remove the spell that is binding her.

We hear screaming from the room followed by a whack. Lord Markelhay comes out and has Nimrozan re-silence her then returns her to the cell. He has Vincent Gravelstoke brought into the chamber and asks Adrian to come in and do the questioning. They get information out of him about being in communication with the Iron Circle and placing the bag of idroot.

Lord Markelhay goes outside the room so Adrian can have some privacy with Vincent Gravelstoke. He tries to get more information of him but doesn’t get anything of substance. Adrian comes out and invites Elantris to take a try. Elantris orders a brazier be brought to the room. He strips Vincent Gravelstoke and ties him to a chair. During the event Vincent Gravelstoke screams that when his father rules this town he will do the same to Elantris.

Elantris goes to inform Lord Kamroth of the hanging to try to keep up the ruse of being friendly to the Gravelstokes. Adrian coordinates the hanging. Evon and Andraste keep watch on the prisoners.

Lord Kamroth is shocked at the news and insists on coming to the keep with Elantris.

Vincent Gravelstoke and the physician are arranged on the Moonstone Keep wall. Lord Markelhay puts the ropes around their necks and says words of justice proclaiming their crimes. A crowd is gathering outside the keep walls watching the proceedings. He pushes both of them over the edge. The ropes snap as a loud crack of their necks and limp bodies indicate their deaths.

Lord Kamroth bids Elantris farewell after witnessing the execution.

Just 15 minutes later a contingent pushes through the crowd. A man with graying hair wearing full battle armor approaches the keep. Lord Markelhay recognizes Xander Gravelstoke and heads down with Adrian by his side.

Xander, your son murdered me,” Lord Markelhay says before Xander Gravelstoke can speak. “He’s been conspiring with the Iron Circle as well.”

“You couldn’t consult me. This will not stand.” Xander Gravelstoke says venomously. “You haven’t heard the last of me. Lock your doors and watch you back.” Kaz, the goliath can be seen coming up the ramp. Soothing Xander Gravelstoke he suggests they retire to cool down. The Gravelstoke contingent leaves. Lord Markelhay heads up to get some rest.

We all procure rooms at the keep to be ready for any actions taken by the Gravelstokes.

Evon goes up to entertain the children as he promised the chamberlain. He tells them innocuous stories using excerpts from the Deities in Decline book. As he skims it he does notice passages that suggests he needs to take a serious read. When they fall asleep he leaves them.

Adrian goes down to keep Andraste company in the stockade.

Near midnight Elantris gets a hard knock on his door. Elantris opens the door and Nimrozan demands, “Why did you dispel my enchantment on Lady Markelhay?”

“I didn’t. When did this occur?” Elantris replies.

“Just a few moments ago.” Elantris grabs Nimrozan and heads for the stockade.

In the stockade Andraste and Adrian hear mumbling from the lady’s cell and see movement. Wisps of smoke fade through the wall before they can react Lady Markelhay is gone.

Nimrozan and Elantris burst into the stockade but it’s too late. “She’s gone to the Shadowfell,” Nimrozan announces. Elantris searches the grounds while Andraste, Evon, and Adrian go check on the lord. He’s sound asleep but awakes on their entry. Adrian tells him of his wife’s escape.

Alturiak 30th – midnight

Andraste reads through some of the shadow magic books finds some information about a “crossing” spell.

Evon beds down in the library with the trap door. Just as Evon is about to fall asleep he is awaked by a noise. Suddenly the floor panel goes flying.

A shadow creature emerges. “Intruder,” Evon yells and Andraste comes running. Elantris and Adrian hear something and come to investigate. Andraste runs past Evon to attack the creature. The creature attacks her and she vanishes.

Elantris arrives and attacks the creature. Hit hits back but Elantris does not vanish. Adrian joins the fray and finishes the creature off. We start searching for Andraste and summon Nimrozan.

Meanwhile Andraste finds herself in a realm of gray and shadow. She appears to be in some ruins with rubbish around her. She tries to hide but some dark cat-like creates approach her. She kills one and they run off. A wrinkled old man steps out of the shadows and quietly hails her. “What are you doing here? Where did you come from? I’ve never seen you hear before. Are you scouring the ruins for ancient treasures?”

“Where is ‘here’?” she asks.

“You are in the realm of shadow. You don’t work for the Shadow Queen?” Andraste nods negative. “Ah, that is good, that is why I still live. This is the Shadow Queen’s realm.”

“How do I get out of here?” she asks.

He chuckles, “No one gets out of here unless they have permission from the queen. Stay away from the city though, they’ll eat you alive there.”

“You can call me Cutter, but I don’t want to stay around with you. You look like a dangerous sort, the sort the queen’s gaze might fall upon. Find shelter soon, the winged ones will come out to hunt.” He backs away. She heads for trees she sees in the distance to find cover.

Nimrozan arrives and Adrian explains the situation with Andraste disappearing. They retrieve the books on the shadow magic and ask Nimrozan to see if he can come up with a way to retrieve her.

Evon collapses the secret tunnel to prevent any further entry then tries to get rest.

Elantris also goes back to bed. Adrian stays near Nimrozan to try to keep him from getting distracted.

Andraste finds an empty hovel in the trees. She rigs some warning traps outside and then retires to the dirty interior.

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September 21, 2012

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