September 9, 2011

Alturiak – 7 – 1479 D.R. (con’t) – Main Page

We meet the war council back at the tent. It’s mid afternoon and everyone is exhausted but elated. Soldiers and townsfolk alike are performing the grim after battle tasks. The injured are being tended.

Dar Gremmeth speaks up, “We’re all tired but we need to figure out how to get into that keep.”
“Patience Dar,” Raython cautions, “the keep will still be there tomorrow. Eat and rest now.”
Our group decides to try to infiltrate the keep while Dar Gremmeth and the militia will follow up with a frontal assault.

We rest for the night.

Alturiak – 8 – 1479 D.R.

The smell of early morning fires, salted pork, and fresh bake bread awoke each of us. A young page boy approached our corner of the camp, “M’lords, Old Keller awaits you in the war tent.”

“We’ll be there shortly,” Elantris replies kindly.

“There is also food waiting in the tent,” the boy says and runs off.

We gather our gear and head off.

We enter the tent. “You must be the elves I’ve heard about. I’m Keller.” We greet him and all get food to eat and talk about the battle. Elantris grills Keller on the layout of the keep, it’s defenses, and entrances.

We agree upon a multiprong attack. Our small band will head out to try to infiltrate the keep at night. The next morning the woodsingers will start harassing patrolling guards on the battlement on the far side of the keep – away from where we plan to infiltrate and away from where the militia will attack. The militia will also attack at day break but as a frontal assault from the main road.

We carefully make our way to the iron keep avoiding patrols. About 400-500 ft from the castle we can start seeing sentries along the tops of the walls. After the sun goes down Elantris and Andraste start making their way to the castle wall. They make it to the base of the wall near where the secret entrance is. 5 sentries are visible stationed along this section.

They teleport up to the top of the battlements and take out the guard. Moving along the line they take out all 5 guards quickly and without raising the alarm. They signal Evon and Adranis to come and climb the rope.

We loot the dead guards and dispose of their bodies over the outside edge of the wall. We then head into the central tower to try to open the secret passage. The upper floor of the tower is an empty barracks and the lower floor a stockroom. Andraste opens the secret passage so it can be used as an entrance in the morning (or a hasty retreat for us).

As we make our way through the keep we take out a few guards in various rooms as well as around the grounds.

At the gate house we enter, surprise the 2 guards and the tiefling, and open the attack on them. After a short battle we kill them.

Elantris disables the gate mechanism so that the gates can just be pushed open.
Adranis finds a nice magic sword in the upstairs guard room. We find barrels of oil which we break and soak both levels of the gatehouse with to prevent them from using the oil or even lighting firearms.

As we exit the upstairs room onto the walkway above the gate the guards recognize something is wrong and call the alarm.

Guards from around the battlements start shooting at us. In one of the guard towers we find 2 humonculous. We finish off the monsters and the remaining guards then head back towards the other side of the keep.

Alturiak – 9 (midnight) – 1479 D.R.

One of the towers we pass through is empty but appears to be a wizards quarters. Passing through we enter the final wall segment and kills the guards. As we get to the final tower the only entrance is up some stairs from the courtyard and through a draw bridge. Andraste stealths in while we bring up the rear. Unfortunately they see Andraste and attack. Evon, disguised as the tiefling, bluffs the guards in the room that he’s chasing Andraste and they pause while the rest of the group moves in for the attack.

Two dragonborn engage us. We finish them off without too much trouble but not before one calls down the stairs, “Secure the prisoner, intruders are in the keep.”

As we go down the stairs we enter a kitchen and eating area. A mage and a guard are playing 3 Dragon Ante while servants cower at various places around the room.

Andraste sneaks behind the wizard and garrotes him, preventing him from casting spells.

A tar devil enters the scene from the back room just as we drop the mage. The 2 enforcers wielding flails continue to slash us. After several close calls we defeat everyone.

We find keys on the tar devil to unlock the cell holding the baron. He’s week and sickly so we try to heal him. He cautions us that Redthorn’s 2nd in command, Tyranda, is upstairs and still needs to be dealt with. He tells us of a secret passage that will take us directly to his suite where she’s been staying.

We tell him of the coming rescue by the Harkenwold militia which will arrive at dawn. He must hold out until then (or until we get back).

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September 9, 2011

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