April 27, 2012

Alturiak – 23 – 1479 D.R. (con’t) – Main Page

Evon uses a ritual to create a campsite. Hundreds of nature spirits clear an area we’ve selected in a secluded outcropping. They set up camp, make a fire, and cook a meal for all of us. While we set watch the night goes uneventful.

Alturiak – 24 – 1479 D.R.

In the morning the spirits clean up the campsite and pack our gear. We get back to the road and scout for tracks of followers. We find animal tracks but no evidence of humanoid or other creatures. Snow begins to fall in earnest but we decide to push on towards Fallcrest.

Our progress is slow. The wind buffets our faces and visibility is a matter of feet in front of us. It gets so bad we’re not even sure we’re going the right direction. Suddenly the horses get skittish and we slow down concerned they’ve sensed danger.

From the white a pack of dire wolves snarles and approaches from the rear of the cart. Adrian turns to engage them. Without warning 2 hill giants appear in front of the cart. The cart pony jerks in fear and pulls away from Elantris’ grasp. One of the giants swings at Elantris with a tree trunk and knocks him down. The 2nd giant smashes him with another tree while growling, “elf flesh”.

As the pony bolts it rams into Elantris’ horse which starts to bolt. The rest of the horses bolt away from the combat.

While we’re fighting the cart with the elder deep gnomes disappears out of site. The wolves and the hill giants pummel us. Suddenly a second Adrian appears in front of the giants to everyone’s surprise. After a pitched battle we finish off the wolves and the giants.

Evon and Adrian head out to find the cart with the deep gnomes. Andraste goes to look for her horse. Elantris stays to skin the wolves.

As Evon and Adrian follow the cart tracks we hear cracking beneath us. Adrian, who is using his powers to float above the ground, grabs Evon and keeps him from falling into the water. We see the cart tracks continue into the broken ice patches ahead.

Andraste goes off to find her horse. She almost goes over a cliff but catches herself – she sees her horse below on a ledge but it appears the horse is ok.

Meanwhile Adrian manages to hop across the shards of ice carrying Evon. Up ahead they hear voices of the gnomes, “Help us, we need help.” As they continue to follow the wagon they see a deep gnome has fallen out of the wagon. They get the gnome and try to catch up to the cart. After a couple more minutes they catch up to the cart and stop it. The gnomes are ok but the chest of gold is gone – the gnomes say it fell into the water. Evon sets up camp while Adrian heads back to get the others.

Andraste returns to Elantris and tells him where her horse is. Since they can’t get her horse without help she goes off to look for Evon’s horse. Andraste comes to a broken river and smells food but has no idea what is on the other side. She heads back to find Elantris. Adrian eventually finds his way back to them as well. Adrian learns of Andraste’s horse – he does not tell them yet about the chest that’s fallen into the river. They head off to try to rescue Andraste’s horse.

They find their way to the cliff. Using Elantris’ horse, robe and creative levering they hoist the horse up. Despite being hit by the giant the horse seems to be in decent shape. Elantris tends it’s minor wounds and they head back to find Evon and the camp. On the way Adrian breaks the news about the chest falling in the river. Adrian carries Andraste across the river and tells Evon they need him to help determine how to get the horses across.

They take the horses downstream and take them across one at a time. After everything is safely across Evon heads to find his horse. After an hour of searching he finds the horse scared and cold. He coaxes it back to the camp.

They all get warm by the fire and plan for retrieval of the chest. As luck would have it, one of the hill giant sacks contains a magic item that Evon may be able to use to get the chest – a magic cloak that allows water breathing. Combined with Evon’s natural resistances he can endure the cold waters of the river.

They sleep the night.

Alturiak – 25 – 1479 D.R.

They eat breakfast. The snow is still coming down but far less harshly. Evon goes diving – it takes 2 hours to find it. The is still sealed thankfully. Evon secures the rope and tugs to let them know to pull it up. Elantris pulls it up. We load up the cart, lash the chest down, and go looking for the road back to Fallcrest.

Alturiak – 26 – 1479 D.R.

It’s evening as we near the Fallcrest area. We decide to return the deep gnomes first so we head for the secret entrance to the catacombs. As we get down there the other deep gnomes are happy to see their elders and offer us their hospitality. We warn them “bad people” may still be looking for their sacred artifacts and that we’d like to keep them safe for now. Doopgoliog tells us he talked to “beared one” who wants to meet us. He also mentions seeing lots of horses on the trade road going to Fallcrest – we’re unsure what this could be but it may not be good.

We decide to go see the “beared one”, however, after we rest for the night.

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April 27, 2012

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